Who keeps lending this man cars to review?!





24 responses to “Who keeps lending this man cars to review?!”

  1. @Karlina_Steinbrecher3 Avatar

    Du hast meinen Tag besser gemacht💓💓

  2. @Adalheid_Prock80 Avatar

    Ich werde in 3 Tagen geschäftlich in Köln sein, ich habe keine Freunde dort, ich bin Single, wer möchte mir die Stadt und ihre Sehenswürdigkeiten zeigen?💕

    1. @ispeel2644 Avatar

      your father will. . . oh wait i forgot he left you and never came back

  3. @DarinaRodriguez1 Avatar

    Your videos are a real quintessence of quality and talent. Thank you for your inspiration!🐕🏡☃️

  4. @GiuliaSerranos Avatar

    Your content is suitable for a wide audience. Simple and universal.🌺 # 🌺,

  5. @serpex77 Avatar

    He is following Jeremy Clarkson’s footsteps

  6. @mrcanonpan Avatar

    So much bots bruh

  7. @triceratops6369 Avatar

    Not the botssssss👿👿👿👿

  8. @SaraBryan-sw7ri Avatar

    Thanks for keeping it real, your authenticity is refreshing

  9. @99kj Avatar

    You may not believe it, but Peugeot cars are still produced in my country 40 years ago 😢

  10. @dhairyadesai4026 Avatar

    Enough boot space 🤷

  11. @lisakellet4976 Avatar

    I just hope they keep doing it because he’s the only opinionI trust out there for cars, though the drag racing is one hell of a DRAG!

  12. @JDMdrifterboy7 Avatar

    What car is this? The blue is gorgeous

    1. @RawsterTheBaws Avatar

      Peugeot 408

    2. @JDMdrifterboy7 Avatar

      @@RawsterTheBaws thank you. It’s frustrating when they don’t say what car it is

    3. @El_Negro2003 Avatar

      @@RawsterTheBawsdamnit it’s a Peugeot. Frickin French cars

    4. @RawsterTheBaws Avatar

      @@El_Negro2003 I test drove it, it was nice. Love the inside.

    5. @RawsterTheBaws Avatar

      @@JDMdrifterboy7 agreed. That color is the standard one aswell

  13. @louistaylor8808 Avatar

    In reality a car costs nothing to a huge company

    1. @ninjaguysith Avatar


    2. @chickeyy1792 Avatar

      ​@@ninjaguysithprobably meant a single unit

  14. @zip5529 Avatar

    Its is literally what I would do if the car can’t store its own cables!!

  15. @rolfknappmann Avatar

    I mean, maybe some cars don’t have a front boot, so the packaging feels more combustion-engine’ish, but for real: I don’t get that idea.
    EVs are heavier than ICE cars, so it makes more sense to keep the center of Gravity low, which should always result in a proper front boot, if done correctly…

  16. @TiptronicSS Avatar

    It’s french, it’s made for it

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