When you downshift and rev match perfectly






25 responses to “When you downshift and rev match perfectly”

  1. Anna Bawerman Avatar
    Anna Bawerman

    Machst sehr gute Videos und danke für den täglichen kontent
    🐶 6 🌅

  2. Sandra Thompson Avatar
    Sandra Thompson

    Very great video, it changed my life🎃🍭🌮

  3. Anna Bawerman Avatar
    Anna Bawerman

    Richtig geiles video mach weiter so und ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du noch mehr solcher videos machst bleib gesund.
    💕💕💕 8 ▪️

  4. Michaela Goldschmidt Avatar
    Michaela Goldschmidt

    Du bist voll der Coole YouTuber💚💚

  5. The Crazy Coaster Creater Avatar
    The Crazy Coaster Creater

    The YT shorts on this channel are getting weirder and weirder…😂

    1. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      I know right. Even the soundtracks are going weirder.

  6. Dylan Pogemiller Avatar
    Dylan Pogemiller

    The car gods have heard our perfect shift prayers

  7. wtf29 lol Avatar
    wtf29 lol

    Perfect shiftttt

  8. Finlay Morgan Avatar
    Finlay Morgan

    What’s with all the booty bots

  9. DeezeRx Avatar

    Is this racing driver sam ?

  10. Damien Avatar

    Young Fatneek

  11. RAKSHITH KS Avatar

    I was confused was I seeing carwow shorts or ksi shorts 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    Mat Watson = The best YouTuber ever ❤

  13. Alex Cranfield Avatar
    Alex Cranfield

    And then you realise you are in a BMW and it was the car doing it for you 😂

  14. World Race Avatar
    World Race

    Never thought KSI would make it into a carwow video

  15. ikigaialeros Avatar

    Also pov when u do that perfectly and get a nice downshift with sum pops

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    1. Bill Sinshure Avatar
      Bill Sinshure

      How’s that possible please?

    2. Jeff Buffet  Avatar
      Jeff Buffet

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      Amebeobari Olai

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      Natt Oliveira Petcher

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  17. Birger Jarl Avatar
    Birger Jarl

    When you acend punching and start hugging

  18. RealGoose Avatar

    What the actual f…

  19. Yiannis Hayabusa Avatar
    Yiannis Hayabusa

    wow awesome ! ! ! ! !

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