What is that? 🤔






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  1. Katharina Siegel Avatar
    Katharina Siegel

    Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Stimme. Die Welt braucht mehr mutige Menschen🐱

  2. D. S. Avatar
    D. S.

    “What is that?”

    A typical AMG shitbox

  3. Daniel Batori Avatar
    Daniel Batori

    That is a joke that’s what it is.

    1. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      The engine or the short?

    2. Daniel Batori Avatar
      Daniel Batori

      @Preston P. the engine.

  4. Andile Zondo Avatar
    Andile Zondo

    A disgrace to the C63 name

    1. Snake Eyes Avatar
      Snake Eyes

      Would it still be if they put an inline 6 into it like the E53?

    2. Redmi Note 9 Avatar
      Redmi Note 9

      ​@Snake EyesC63= 6.3/6.3 liter V8. The original C63 was iconic for it’s engine

    3. LockRobster Avatar

      @Redmi Note 9 63 was 6.2l so they started cheating right from the beginning 😂

    4. jkliao648 Avatar

      @Snake Eyes Yes, anything with a 63 badge should at least be a V8. While the 4L bi-turbo V8 is not a 6.2, it is still a great engine and a V8. Especially when the SL55, which is a number 8 smaller than 63, has a V8 in it. Absolutely inexcusable.

  5. mtnman1984 Avatar

    AMG engine builders going from V8s to four bangers…

  6. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    Petition to make carwow do YT shorts car reviews separate to the actual video (new content) instead of these cropped out videos being put on a regular video. And link the full review in the short so you gain 2 sets of views (potentially). You will be able to show just how cool your transitions are.

  7. Ronnie Martinez Avatar
    Ronnie Martinez

    If the V8 was already problematic, imagine this MF… 😂😂😂

  8. Cookie Monsters addiction Avatar
    Cookie Monsters addiction

    I can tell you for free, my AMG45s was the worst car I’ve ever owned. The person who built the engine on mine must have been drunk as it kept breaking down.

    1. RNP Avatar

      No way 😭😂

    2. Maikeru Avatar

      Really? In Germany the used car prices for A45s are astronomic because they are so popular.

    3. TheBreakfastLover Avatar

      That’s to be expected. Waaaay too much boost for a 4-cylinder to handle.

    4. nZoot Avatar

      ​@TheBreakfastLoveryou’ve obviously never heard of turbo hondas then😂

    5. TheBreakfastLover Avatar

      @nZoot name a production Honda engine with more boost than the C63’s 4-cylinder

  9. Jafooli Avatar

    Please stop with these lame shorts. This isn’t tik tok

    1. Richard Kamau Avatar
      Richard Kamau

      I agree

  10. 08Brams Avatar

    The clients wants more fuel economy with the performance. That’s the result

    1. Diceslice Avatar

      Doesn’t it also have a lot to do with CO2 regulations?

    2. Procyon Ent. Avatar
      Procyon Ent.

      AMG owners giving two shits about fuel economy, sure bud 😂

    3. User 444 Avatar
      User 444

      I doubt any Amg owner ever said: “ i wish this C63s had a 4 cycl hybrid motor instead of a bi-turbo v8”….

    4. Stelios Karaoglanis Avatar
      Stelios Karaoglanis

      GermaNaz- I mean Europe and its ridiculous emition restrictions. Thats the result

    5. fattymcgee123 Avatar

      The -clients- _government_ wants more fuel economy with the performance. That’s the result


  11. Maikeru Avatar

    The 680 hp are also a lie. The car is a little bit faster than M3 xDrive with 510 hp and way slower than M3 CS with 550 hp. So you have approxiemately 540 hp with the 2+ tons weight. That’s impressive for a 4 cylinder but with real 680 hp the car must destroy a M5 CS, RS7 Competition or a GT63 S.

    1. A Mitchell Avatar
      A Mitchell

      Not here to argue but this is F1 technology and those cars have a 1.6L V6 pulling alone almost 840 HP approx. without the electric motor the adds 160HP!!!! Now the 2.0 L is the same principal complicated technology to create a lot of power out of a smaller engine! So my friend I don’t think is a lie!

    2. Dan San Avatar
      Dan San

      ​@A MitchellBro. F1 weighs a few hundred kilos. This thing 2 tons. You dont jUST put the technology that was meant for LIGHT vehicles in a tank. Double stupidity pointy for the team that developed this hot trash.

  12. OK-DIRT-OUTLAW🇺🇲 Avatar

    I was just saying the same thing about those nails!! 😂😂

    1. A Mitchell Avatar
      A Mitchell

      The crossed eyes and those teeth!!😁

  13. Anary Avatar

    And they made the new m5 ugly…. Good times are coming to a end

  14. Ric Ky Avatar
    Ric Ky

    There’s this timeless mystery, how do ladies with those long fingernails go to the loo on long calls… 📞

  15. Raphael Avatar

    It’s a C23 AMG now

  16. H arun Avatar
    H arun

    I can say the same seeing those Edward Scissorhands nails 😅

  17. Moss Avatar

    I heard merc were dropping this because they’re struggling to get them to work properly and bringing back the v8.

  18. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    Okay so it’s lost HALF of it’s turbos 😢 HALF of engine capacity 😢 HALF of it’s cylinders 😢and HALF of it’s noise 😢😢😢😢😢

    1. Andrew Donaldson Avatar
      Andrew Donaldson

      But costs more

  19. jkliao648 Avatar

    For the amount of work you put into in the factory, you now get two engines from a single bi-turbo V8. This is what you call “stonks”!

  20. Communist Party of Arstotzka Avatar
    Communist Party of Arstotzka

    It’s a disgrace what Mercedes has been doing the last 5 years…

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