What do Bugatti owners keep in their glovebox?






34 responses to “What do Bugatti owners keep in their glovebox?”

  1. Ibrahim Ahmed Avatar
    Ibrahim Ahmed

    Essentials obviously😂

  2. Aman wow Avatar
    Aman wow

    Bruh slow down, I can’t keep up with the number of videos he’s rapidly posting😭

  3. 21sled Avatar

    Is that Bugatti owner 15 by chance??

    1. TOMCAT Avatar

      No because you can’t have a license at 15

    2. alexander ragnarsson Avatar
      alexander ragnarsson

      ​@TOMCATbut you can have a car 🙂

    3. TOMCAT Avatar

      @alexander ragnarssonthat’s some thinking in advance the parents must be doing if you’re buying your kids car for them when they’re 15

    4. Prime Avatar

      @TOMCAT if you start your permit a little after you turn 14 1/2 and then drive with a parent for 6 months you can easily get a license at 15 (America)

    5. Sir flaps Avatar
      Sir flaps

      @PrimeI don’t know how it is in England but here in the Netherlands you can start at 16.5 do the exam at 17 and start driving alone at 18. Also you have to use a proper driving school.

  4. T-Bag Avatar

    At least it’s not LYNX AFRICA.

    1. Jesus Iced Avatar
      Jesus Iced

      I actually quite like the smell of it to be honest. I did laugh when I realised someone I know buys it for himself aged 30 something. I genuinely thought it was just given by parents to male children at Christmas.

    2. Captain IRAQ  🏳️‍🌈⃠ (AGCIM) Avatar
      Captain IRAQ 🏳️‍🌈⃠ (AGCIM)

      Dude what’s wrong with lynx Africa it’s good

    3. A R Avatar
      A R

      That smell is nasty

    4. Conor F Avatar
      Conor F

      It’s all about Lidl’s Kenya

    5. Entertainment for The Soul Avatar
      Entertainment for The Soul

      Yeah i want to smell like an elephant today!

      *Sponsored by Lynx Africa*

  5. NDAutomotive Avatar

    Apparently, for the ladies they pick up.

  6. hcfivfygyvrucyb jvfihykcyj Avatar
    hcfivfygyvrucyb jvfihykcyj

    Not an ad. Of course not.

  7. wulfris Avatar

    because who needs documents

    1. Daley Tomlinson Avatar
      Daley Tomlinson

      Nobody in the uk carry documents on them

  8. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow day 263

  9. Daley Tomlinson Avatar
    Daley Tomlinson

    No ways lynx is absolutely rank

  10. Shayne Corritori Avatar
    Shayne Corritori

    I thought the first thing was lube😂

  11. M140i23 Avatar

    I was expecting engine oil or coolant 😅

  12. Guilherme S. Coelho Avatar
    Guilherme S. Coelho

    Wow, how amazing is a car like this with a center console without any screen 👌

    1. Conor Avatar

      Well it came out in 2005 and they knew the screens at the time were hideous and wouldn’t age well.

  13. Crisps clips Avatar
    Crisps clips

    That glove box is probably worth more than my moms car

  14. Enzo Kingson Avatar
    Enzo Kingson

    Damn what a nice Mercedes👌

  15. Yassmin Shoumari Avatar
    Yassmin Shoumari

    Bro keeping it fresh 💯

  16. Noopmc Avatar

    I hope i have this thing in my house🔥🔥🔥

  17. Benjamin 404 Avatar
    Benjamin 404

    lynx? Why is your Axe called Lynx?

    1. Pablo H Avatar
      Pablo H

      Whats Axe?

    2. Benjamin 404 Avatar
      Benjamin 404

      @Pablo H deadorant

  18. Hendo Avatar

    Fooking LYNX 😆

  19. JPh.J Avatar

    Pls make a drag race with this car I’m dying to see it in action after almost 20 years of existence

  20. Avocado Avatar

    insurance information: what about meeee what about meee ee yeahh

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