We need to talk about the new GR Yaris interior…


26 responses to “We need to talk about the new GR Yaris interior…”

  1. @thenullduck Avatar

    I actually love the interior, I love that 80’s type boxy, driver focused design, and think its awesome that a mainline brand is bringing it back in 2024

    1. @MrPimpmygun Avatar

      C8 Corvettes have been like that, they’re like a fighter jet enclosing you

    2. @Fast_2104 Avatar

      @@MrPimpmygun but the corvette looks much more streamlined, this looks straight up 80s car with plastic surround you

    3. @mariinito985 Avatar

      Imagine if this was a German car. Everyone would unconditionally hate it for the interiors

      But hey, since it’s a Japanese let’s just use the “I love this outdated, obviously rip off 80’s look” excuse huh

    4. @betancourt564 Avatar

      @@mariinito985it has a charm you don’t get. A German premium car is focused in luxury, if a Polo was like this we would like it as well.

    5. @mariinito985 Avatar

      @@betancourt564 bruh, I drive a Hyundai i20. Trust me, I know that small hatchback charm

      But still should point out hypocrisy. Seriously bro, if a Golf or a Polo (within the same range) had “this” interior almost everyone will be in flames since most people on the internet are Japanese bias

  2. @NemesisOfficial Avatar

    crazy the amount of bot comments on these videos.

  3. @audilover70 Avatar

    On the outside its turtley awesome, on the inside its turtley squirtley.

  4. @hacob2004 Avatar

    Basic interiors are a godsend after driving modern cars with thouch everything. I could punch the air conditioning into the settings I want in my fj cruiser it’s so basic.

  5. @ndautomotive Avatar

    In Bulgaria we have a sarcastic saying:
    “For that much money-that’s it”😅

    1. @JonathanDuddy-oq6nv Avatar

      For that much typing of a comment, thats-it?

  6. @weeeeee374 Avatar

    Less is more.

  7. @NOTMR.LEGEND Avatar


  8. @VulcanGT Avatar

    I like the new cockpit design, like how they did it in the MK4 Supra

  9. @kenchen704 Avatar

    Everyone 🤡 complaining about the interior when it’s designed like a rally car

  10. @wp8022 Avatar

    Actually it looks fantastic.

  11. @SWatchik Avatar

    Interior is a win. I’d rather that than all these stupid screens floating across the entire front.

  12. @ALMX5DP Avatar

    I rarely stare at my dash, and when I do it’s just to find the dial or button to push.

  13. @lightsodda Avatar

    What would be prefered? Three ipads glued on the dash that feel dated in 5 years? I enjoy the retro vibe

  14. @KevBoy3D Avatar

    I like the interior design I just wish it had some more colour, make it red or blue. Maybe even a suede finish. Now that’s the stuff 👌

  15. @3rinibwai Avatar

    I like this sound 🎶🥰

  16. @minjaijung Avatar


  17. @Hog_User Avatar

    I really like that simple interior, because it has quite nice retro vibes.

  18. @5pace Avatar

    Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

  19. @GraveUypo Avatar

    idk looks to me like a functional interior. which is more than i can say about most cars since around 2015.

  20. @sandorbence2067 Avatar

    I wonder if the interior is a one time thing or the Yaris facelift will also get something similar.

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