Volvo, keeping you safe in more ways than one 😏






24 responses to “Volvo, keeping you safe in more ways than one 😏”

  1. Bertha Arnold Avatar
    Bertha Arnold

    I love your videos, they are so cool😕🤎🎳

  2. Nu Coffell Avatar
    Nu Coffell

    Pleasing to the eye💚

  3. Ᵽɨłøŧ1½ Avatar

    4 bots ok 👍

  4. parsa mansuri Avatar
    parsa mansuri

    Mercedes-Benz did it way ahead! Which makes sense bcs it’s mercedes benz 😏

    1. Troublemak3r Avatar

      Fanboy detected

    2. Peter Ambrose Avatar
      Peter Ambrose

      By that logic:
      Mercedes benz copied the seatbelt which volvo invented which makes sense because its volvo

    3. Roar Bahamut Avatar
      Roar Bahamut

      @Peter Ambrose By that logic:
      Everyone copied the concept of a “car” from Karl Benz 😀

    4. Gustis40g Avatar

      Yes driver awareness monitoring is something Volvo had in 2006. This system can detect the pace at you blink, and if you’re staring at the same spot for too long. This is a industry new thing.

      It monitors your eye blinking and if it gets too often it can indicate stress, and if you stare at a spot for too long that can indicate that you’re lost in your thoughts, the car will automatically engage it’s self driving system if that is the case.

    5. k Avatar

      okay but which one is gonna break down quicker cuz it’s not gonna be the volvos system

  5. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    Swedish safety team for the win 😎 🇸🇪

    1. leeeinfield Avatar

      Yeah while putting EVERY car function on a screen. Super safe.

    2. Timothy Andrews Avatar
      Timothy Andrews

      ​@leeeinfield I am a Volvo fan, but your statement is correct. They should’ve kept buttons. Welp I guess it’s a cost cutting.

    3. The commentator Avatar
      The commentator

      It isn’t Swedish anymore, we can see it with its reliability which is horrendous.

    4. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
      Jimny’s Off Road

      @leeeinfield Yeah maybe not so safe

    5. Olle Borgström Avatar
      Olle Borgström

      @leeeinfieldits mot hard to ask google assistant to do stuff for you… much safer too as you don’t even need to take your hands off the wheel

  6. Vito2212 Avatar

    Yeah, but I wanted the Alfa Romeo tonale review🙃

  7. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    “Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z” Mat Watson 😴

  8. The0rs Avatar

    They don’t have this feature on the Caterham Seven.

    Just sayin…

  9. iplayeddsharpminor Avatar

    Car must be as boring as it looks then

  10. Entertainment for The Soul Avatar
    Entertainment for The Soul

    Volvo and Subaru are the top rated for safety features.

  11. Matt Buffo Avatar
    Matt Buffo

    cars have already had driver attention awareness

    1. carson Avatar

      Not like this bro.

  12. Robert Langley Avatar
    Robert Langley

    Now you know how we feel when one of your reviews is boring we nod off haha

  13. Per Eldh Avatar
    Per Eldh

    We’d all drift off in a Volvo, however fresh we are. Safe?

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