Truly unforgivable car features!

What were the designers believing?!


31 responses to “Truly unforgivable car features!”

  1. Travis Bruce Avatar
    Travis Bruce

    Why the key pop out so aggressively 😂

    1. Luis Acuña Avatar
      Luis Acuña

      So thief can get hurt I guess?? 😂😂😂😂

    2. MUSIC VIBE Avatar

      Fastest pop out key(world record 300mph)

    3. makkie Avatar

      To match with the speed of the car 😂

    4. Gabriel Casemiro Avatar
      Gabriel Casemiro

      So you can take the key out at 300kph, ao they will just float in air to your hands

    5. Prayas Dash Avatar
      Prayas Dash

      Someone complaining about a 5 million dollars car, how would the key be patient😂

  2. joseph Avatar

    I’ve just learnt I’m exactly the same height as mat!

  3. SRC. Sercan Çetin Avatar
    SRC. Sercan Çetin

    Last one my best

  4. Varun Satya Avatar
    Varun Satya

    You kept the best for last😂😂😂

  5. Horst Tristan von Wittenbach Avatar
    Horst Tristan von Wittenbach

    I wouldn’t mind getting a key facial from my Bugatti, tbh… 😅

    1. ZERØ Avatar


  6. Gérard joling Avatar
    Gérard joling

    As a mechanic, thanks volvo for making the hood go up so far

    1. allnovieveryday Avatar

      I’m sure someone will dent it on the garage ceiling.

    2. Sas 4 fun Avatar
      Sas 4 fun

      Dwarf s arr unsatisfied 😢

    3. Im_ zavey Avatar
      Im_ zavey


    4. Patty Avatar

      Just do like merc. Have hood open normally but also have a service position.

  7. implodingbaby Avatar

    That powerful key lauch is just weird

  8. Enno von Schwerin Avatar
    Enno von Schwerin

    Point 1 os only a RHD problem. The Center Consol is the same on LHD and RHD. And for most of us (all LHD drivers 🙂 ) the consol is totally fine.
    Maybe it´s to expensiv to build 2 consoles. To have one for RHD cars.

  9. Joseph Mother Avatar
    Joseph Mother

    Hey sometimes you really do have to give a reach-around to handle a lever

  10. Ernis Morina Avatar
    Ernis Morina

    He is just a legend at this stuff😂

  11. OfficialFA Avatar

    I’d probably find a way to work around any of these features…😅

  12. Fuandy Muhammad Avatar
    Fuandy Muhammad

    I always think the same way…how can he noticed this and that…best car viewer ever

    1. FestusPunky Avatar

      Forrest Jones is a boss too

  13. MrHushCrush Avatar

    Wow the attention to detail in Bugatti !!!

    Not only the car goes fast even the key fob goes fast.

  14. Manochehr Avatar

    Matt Watson is literally gigachad

  15. Zimbabwe Norton Musician Avatar
    Zimbabwe Norton Musician

    Not only does the Bugatti chiron launch far the key also launches far away😢

  16. Murry Nathan Avatar
    Murry Nathan

    Interesting, those Mustang cup holders are made for left hand drive!

  17. Curlsbouy Avatar

    But the Devel 16 is hiding from him

  18. CLUB BIZARRE Avatar

    The key facial cracked me up

  19. PRL Reviews Avatar
    PRL Reviews

    Bugatti was not tryna hear any of Matt’s slander😂

  20. FHA Avatar

    The Bugatti key does the same speed as the car

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