This is why Skoda owners HATE summer…






39 responses to “This is why Skoda owners HATE summer…”

  1. John Saloniki Avatar
    John Saloniki

    Wtf we watched 🤯 and why are you littering?

  2. Wesam Mansour Avatar
    Wesam Mansour

    I don’t get it.🤷‍♂️

    1. Lucas Silva Avatar
      Lucas Silva


    2. Ajay Singh Grewal Avatar
      Ajay Singh Grewal

      its a stupid joke about their snow shaving thingy becoming purposeless in the heat

    3. Omg I am so triggered but Avatar
      Omg I am so triggered but

      Skoda has built-in frost cleaner thingy as a stock option. But ive had multiple skodas as well as many people I know and I never heard anyone even using that thing let alone flexing with it lmao. The joke is that its a “flex” to have that but cant use it in the summer. Carwow making lame ahh jokes.

    4. Cameron Lotter Avatar
      Cameron Lotter

      ​@Omg I am so triggered butjust admit you’re one of the triggered skoda kids

  3. Twentieth_R Avatar

    I don’t get it. Come to the US matt and drive my stage 2 Golf R 20th Anniversary. :O

  4. Yuri Avatar

    Why are thirst traps here 😭

    1. Mohammad foad Tavakoli Avatar
      Mohammad foad Tavakoli

      Just report for spam

    2. Cameron Lotter Avatar
      Cameron Lotter

      Can’t see any tbh

    3. Yuri Avatar

      @Cameron Lotter at the bottom of the comments

  5. WATSON Avatar

    I actually used my ice scraper today for the first time from my Skoda
    It’s utterly useless
    Because it’s curved like scraping ice if ur car with a 5p

    1. Ce0ammer Avatar

      You can use other sides than the green one. 👍

    2. Grabos_paints Avatar

      Use it backwards, works the same as any other scrapers.

    3. WATSON Avatar

      @Grabos_paints it’s curved on both sides unfortunately

    4. Grabos_paints Avatar

      ​@WATSONwhat? I’ve never seen one like this in a Skoda. Which model is it from?

    5. WATSON Avatar

      @Grabos_paints 2017 Octavia VRS Estate 2.0 petrol

  6. Matt B Avatar
    Matt B

    I thought he was going to drive it through the field next.

  7. WeaponXI Avatar

    At least you can use the umbrella 🌂

    1. Niga chad Avatar
      Niga chad

      What about when raining season is gone😢

    2. Mark Richards Avatar
      Mark Richards

      @Niga chadit’s England Chad, rainy season is 365

  8. Carandmotoguy Avatar

    So sad:(a day without scraping the ice of the window you’re skoda is not lived

  9. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    Poor ice scraper 😢 🧊

  10. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai getz on carwow day 301

  11. Christopher Martin Avatar
    Christopher Martin

    I suppose Skoda owners hate dry days too, as they don’t need to use the umbrella built into the front door…..

  12. ludoweet Avatar

    I have reasonable suspicion that I hear TDI. What is wrong?

  13. ToTheLimit 999 Avatar
    ToTheLimit 999

    Don’t forget the umbrella

  14. BP Avatar

    No! Skoda owners hate summer because we can’t use the bloody infotainment system when we first get in the car to turn the AC on full blast and cool the car down because it’s either taking 10mins to load, or not turning on at all and last resort we get left with is global window opening 🙄

  15. Dominick C Avatar
    Dominick C

    I don’t know what happened here

  16. maerklin29800 Avatar

    In electric cars you don’t have to do that.
    They all have remote heating as standard😂

    1. Red Bull Racing Avatar
      Red Bull Racing

      Not got anything to do with being electric, most modern cars have that

    2. maerklin29800 Avatar

      @Red Bull Racing no, not at all
      And when they have, it costs extra and is fossile
      Also small cars that are not electric don’t have ist like Polo class

    3. Red Bull Racing Avatar
      Red Bull Racing

      @maerklin29800 Yes, most modern luxury cars come with some sort of technique to enable heating the cabin from your mobile phone, I think all Audis new Audis and Mercedes cars do. Whilst pretty much all electric cars also have this feature, it isn’t only unique to them. ICE cars can also have it

    4. Cameron Lotter Avatar
      Cameron Lotter

      Electric cars don’t have a roaring 12 either, ew.

    5. maerklin29800 Avatar

      @Red Bull Racing yes, they CAN have it, but it is not standard like on all electric cars.
      And the remote heating can not be found in every ICE vehicle category.

  17. Hasham Ahmed Avatar
    Hasham Ahmed

    73 plates haven’t seen winter yet.

  18. Matt curry Avatar
    Matt curry

    In Australia it’s used to scrap bugs off the windscreen.

  19. Fitz Project Avatar
    Fitz Project

    Skoda owners hate driving ..

  20. Daniel Maťaš Avatar
    Daniel Maťaš

    Bro still using it wrong way

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