This is the BEST in-car tech!






34 responses to “This is the BEST in-car tech!”

  1. Master_Nar Avatar

    Why would we ever want it to be vertical ? Like what’s the point of the feature?

    1. BigBlackDuck Avatar

      @Nigel in what way is that better than horizontal?

    2. mini4ture Avatar

      ​@BigBlackDuck More visible.

    3. mini4ture Avatar

      If you stop somewhere the wheel isn’t blocking the tablet in landscape idk 🤷‍♂️

    4. Nigel Avatar

      @BigBlackDuck By putting the screen vertical, being your phone or the screen in the car, you enable yourself to look further down the road. This allows you to see trafficstops or speed controlepoints earlier, compared to the horizontal set up….

    5. Kevin Clark Avatar
      Kevin Clark

      I think a 360 camera would work better with a vertical screen.

  2. TheRealQuaid1 Avatar

    It’s amazing, I’m not allowed on my phone while driving but sticking a massive tablet in the middle of the cockpit to distract the driver is okay.

    1. GuiG Avatar

      @RoboTurkeyNinja actually no, I haven’t worn a mask in like year apart from in hospitals and places where it’s required. I did reply to someone saying I agree that the displays are being made comically big now and should be smaller, but I’m still for them being there in the first place

    2. Blue_09 Avatar

      @TheRealQuaid1 yeah but it’s not like watching YouTube while driving, imo a mix of screen controls and physical buttons is the best choice for any car

    3. TheRealQuaid1 Avatar

      @Blue_09 no, still massively distracting though.

    4. Blue_09 Avatar

      @TheRealQuaid1 it’s better for controls that you might not use a lot in the screen so it’s not a cluttered mess

    5. Blue_09 Avatar

      @TheRealQuaid1 and it’s not too distracting if you are used the the menus

  3. Srdja Avatar

    Ah, another button that you will click once in your life and forget about it…

  4. burnzy3210 Avatar

    a rotating screen, never seen that before

    1. Noah Avatar

      You haven’t actually. Weird sarcasm

  5. Chris HB Avatar
    Chris HB

    Hope they checked it can’t snap off in a crash and go flying around inside the car.

    1. Sayua // さゆあ Avatar
      Sayua // さゆあ

      Chinese car, so…

  6. Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen Avatar
    Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen

    Whoever runs this shorts section has never driven a car before.

  7. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    This is one of the best in car-tech!

  8. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    You can turn your screen like a phone but in a mechanical way! That’s cool!

  9. Jon Souter Avatar
    Jon Souter

    Ooh… looks like the new Byd Seal.

    Hopeful this is a sign the CarWow road-test will be hitting the channel soon.

    Will be interesting to learn if the interior flair carries through to the rest of the driving / owning experience.

    1. trainvidsdorset Avatar

      the video is already up

  10. CJ Avatar

    Remember when cars were about driving? 😂

    1. BMW M5 F90 CS Avatar
      BMW M5 F90 CS


  11. 卐 Just trolling around dumb vegetables Avatar
    卐 Just trolling around dumb vegetables

    Usually you press it twice in a life time: to show it to your friend after you just bought it… and to show it to a new buyer when you are eventually sell it

  12. Daedalus Avatar

    Chinese made junk. That rotating screen will most likely fail leaving the screen is stuck diagonally.

  13. Andrei G Avatar
    Andrei G

    What’s that dot on screen, like selfie camera on smartphones, but it moves to the top of the screen, depending on the orientation.

  14. castern charger Avatar
    castern charger

    A rotating tablet that switches portrait and landscape mode. Very innovative, nice. 👏

  15. Luis MB Avatar
    Luis MB

    Best car improvement since the seat belt

  16. 87Michael Avatar

    I don’t know what’s more impressive. The screen rotating or the steering wheel having physical buttons on it in 2023…

  17. Gourab Das Avatar
    Gourab Das

    Ah yes “Interior Design”

  18. Georgi Gospodinov Avatar
    Georgi Gospodinov

    Nice , another moving part that will break , amazing , such a masterpiece!

  19. nikay schuurs Avatar
    nikay schuurs

    thats gotta be BYD. btw very nice car

  20. Big Shot Celebrity Avatar
    Big Shot Celebrity

    Ahhh yes Ive always wanted my infotainment screens to rotate exactly 90 degrees without having to take my hand off the steering wheel! 🥳🥳🥳

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