This door tech is absolutely next-level!!!





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  1. Andy Mckeen Avatar
    Andy Mckeen

    Is it just me or is that the worst idea ever?

    1. Shahreen Shahid Avatar
      Shahreen Shahid

      It’s you

    2. Ruslan Avatar

      Ye so useless

    3. CedricGTR Avatar

      Imagine near a wall… Very expensive repair

    4. Elijah_ Trains Avatar
      Elijah_ Trains

      Yeah I don’t think this feature is going to be reliable

    5. Jaivyn Stockdale Avatar
      Jaivyn Stockdale

      @CedricGTRThere are sensors on the door so it won’t hit anything.

  2. junkbball2 Avatar

    Literal middle finger to moving more than you need to😂

  3. Stas Kalbas Avatar
    Stas Kalbas

    Yay, more gimmicks no one will use but that one time to show off.

  4. Adrenaline Junkie Avatar
    Adrenaline Junkie

    Door closure by voice control or swiping the touch screen is still hassle. It’s probably better to use sensors that detect how many potential occupants are around the vehicle and if the conputer calculates there is only one occupant sitting at the wheel, it then auto closes the door/doors, unless you override door closure with voice or swiping the touch screen.

    1. rdspam Avatar

      Or just pull the door closed. I don’t think it’s a good idea to require a driver to swipe a screen to prevent the door from closing on his arm. Or head.

  5. Psycho Avatar

    “Which brings us to 5 annoying things about this CAR” 🤷🏻‍♂️😁

    1. Cameron Lotter Avatar
      Cameron Lotter


    2. David Tinworth Avatar
      David Tinworth


  6. Seattle EUC Avatar
    Seattle EUC

    These doors are one more thing that will break within 30K miles.

    1. TheW89 Avatar

      Why would mileage affect the doors?

    2. My dog katana is cute Avatar
      My dog katana is cute

      @TheW89 the usage would, miles just says how much they would use it

    3. rob Avatar

      Facts!! Same as the stupid running boards that drop down when you open the door. Never seen them last more than 3 years.

  7. Peter Avatar

    There’s so many downsides to this….only a grandma would need this.
    Added cost weight inefficiency and increased laziness is what I see.

    1. ermatthe Avatar

      As someone’s who’s been in the car business for 20 years,I can say for certain that grandma’s would absolutely HATE this. Touch screen interfaces are always finicky and at a certain age your hand-eye coordination starts to go. Makes it really difficult for elderly people. Even just a button to close the door would be better.

    2. Abi Birawa Avatar
      Abi Birawa

      then don’t use it. use your hand like usual. problem solved

    3. Lasergun Avatar

      Any grandma won’t be able to drive or even turn on a “smartphone with wheels” like this

  8. gangalo68 Avatar

    Carmakers: let’s make environmentally friendly cars.
    Also carmakers: let’s also make gimmicky things that will break down and shorten the car’s lifespan.

    1. RacecarRik Avatar

      So then we can charge to fix it

  9. Mike W. Dash Avatar
    Mike W. Dash

    I bet those people in WALL-E wish they had tech like this! lol

  10. Kemal Can Kaynak Avatar
    Kemal Can Kaynak

    Wow what a tech and innovation that we’ve never needed..

  11. Lasse Bauer Avatar
    Lasse Bauer

    Because stretching out your arm and closing the door is just too hard

  12. david bevan Avatar
    david bevan

    we need exciting ideas, not ones taken out of the Jetsons cartoon from the 1960/70s

  13. Zach Grabill Avatar
    Zach Grabill

    In the words of Ryan Reynolds: “But why?”

  14. Mark Aldrin Avatar
    Mark Aldrin

    up next: voice controlled steering

    1. WIPE YOUR LENZ Avatar

      You’re right NO NO left I meant.

  15. Paul Hawley Avatar
    Paul Hawley

    Wow that’s better than a door handle said nobody ever 😂

    1. Titus Rome Avatar
      Titus Rome

      Lmaoooo exactly

  16. Dr Steve J Avatar
    Dr Steve J

    Yes what could possibly go wrong? So when it breaks down how do I close my door? Stop finding solutions for problems that don’t exist.

  17. Nosh gamerz1000 Avatar
    Nosh gamerz1000

    Car door handles:*exist

    The automakers:” *sorry we don’t do that here* “

  18. Mark Lismore Avatar
    Mark Lismore

    So, I’m clicking on about 5 buttons to get to that screen just to shut a door, just reach out and close the f*cking door

  19. Trym Nord varhaug Avatar
    Trym Nord varhaug

    I am so lazy i can’t close the door on my own.

  20. Pete Avatar

    It’s really difficult to shut a door by hand.

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