This car steering wheel is 10/10!

You've never ever seen a like this before!


34 responses to “This car steering wheel is 10/10!”

  1. Ajay Singh Grewal Avatar
    Ajay Singh Grewal

    i can’t wait for head on collisions at high speed

    1. alexp Avatar

      should be less of an issue than in a traditional car since there is less stuff close to your face and body.

    2. Ameen Hensem Avatar
      Ameen Hensem

      ​@alexp The steering column: Are you sure about that?

    3. Wave Man Mike Avatar
      Wave Man Mike

      If ALL cars are autonomous then it would actually be much safer than having real human drivers. All cars would be in communication with each other which means everything on the road will be charted to the nearest millimeter. The only way I can see something bad happening is if there’s a hazard that the car can’t spot in time. However, if that first car does crash, it helps the others avoid it. Unlike with humans which can cause huge pileups.

    4. slimedog Avatar

      ​@Wave Man Mikeok but how long until car sex

  2. Filip Avatar

    Wow, I can’t wait for when I’ll have to pay 10k just to have the TV/steering wheel mechanism replaced.😊

    1. ORGANIC 🎭 CANCER Avatar

      at this rate getting into a car accident will mean bankruptcy 😂

    2. Jezzda2 Avatar

      ​@ORGANIC 🎭 CANCERand that’s why one always has insurance! The real concern is the insurance making you bankrupt.

  3. Zaki Auldin Avatar
    Zaki Auldin

    who decides the music for these?

    1. S_F Avatar


    2. Taiyo Avatar

      Bruh I think they went with the lyrics 😂😂

    3. AiltoMmoto Avatar

      People who listen to ye the 🐐

    4. Magnus Celes Avatar
      Magnus Celes

      What’s your IQ bro

  4. Destin Adelusi Avatar
    Destin Adelusi

    who tf stole this dohikey machine from the aliens

  5. gtav stepfordcounty17 Avatar
    gtav stepfordcounty17

    Now thats how ya stop car jacking

  6. CarBoi Avatar

    I love the fact it’s a Peugeot 🤣

  7. Wandering Existence Avatar
    Wandering Existence

    Let me know when this ends up in a real car… It just screams “concept car only”

  8. detaart Avatar

    Autopilot / cruise control: Please take over the wheel
    Wheel: I’ll be right there, just wait 15 minutes

    1. Jezzda2 Avatar

      This was my only thought. Other than obviously getting to a point where we could realistically use autopilot 99.9% of the time, they would need to have the wheel and screen movements be considerably faster to be anywhere near viable.

  9. Kelvin Avatar

    Q: Are you going to make this?
    Peugeot: No no, we just show you what we could make

    1. Uusi Luuri Avatar
      Uusi Luuri

      And it’s a Peugeot so it wouldn’t work irl anyway! 🤣

    2. Kelvin Avatar

      @Uusi Luuri indeed!

    3. SALAD MAN Avatar

      It’s a threat.

  10. 田中良太郎 Avatar

    A concept car stays a concept car forever.

  11. The guy who motivated with coke Avatar
    The guy who motivated with coke

    Mechanics night are be like:

  12. BMW M3 S65B40 Avatar
    BMW M3 S65B40

    I vaguely recall when cars were about driving and the joy of driving – this monstrosity is everything else

  13. Chapati Avatar

    You’ll be at your destination by the time it’s finished

  14. Zdme Avatar

    giving new meaning
    to the old idea
    of going to a drive in movie

  15. Andy Mckeen Avatar
    Andy Mckeen

    The front seatbacks appear to be made of metal and have corners. That would suck to hit your head on in an accident

  16. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    Imagine passing your drivers license when all you had to do was sit there and watch a movie and let the robot do its job.

  17. Term X Avatar
    Term X

    Anyone prepared to let the car get on with driving AND you have no wheel, I wish you all the best #Darwin

  18. draxx Sklounst Avatar
    draxx Sklounst

    Sorry boss im going to be late again, my damn sterring wheel got stuck in the over engineered dash board

  19. Blue08 Avatar

    When cars turn into consumer electronics 💀

  20. I_Choose_You Avatar

    “Sir, that’s going to be a 560K repair”

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