This car costs HOW MUCH?! 🤯






31 responses to “This car costs HOW MUCH?! 🤯”

  1. The42Name Avatar

    Most british Video i’ve ever seen 😂

  2. R/D Avatar

    For 2 million, this car should park itself and have AI from the Cyberpunk 2077 that will pick me up or get away all by itself from the danger

    1. The Doc Avatar
      The Doc

      For that money it should have nothing to do with AI.

    2. Hyam Ali Avatar
      Hyam Ali

      Couldn’t have picked a worse AI tbh

    3. Sue.Kamadeek Avatar

      You have a death wish if you want A.i in a vehicle lol

  3. Ho Lee Fok Avatar
    Ho Lee Fok

    En 4 years. £50k. 😅

    1. Lee Campbell Avatar
      Lee Campbell

      True words😂👍

  4. Wray Avatar

    The difference of 1920000 is a total loss, if people think is just 80000 🙂

  5. Noah Gonzales Avatar
    Noah Gonzales

    £2 million Bentley!!!! 😮😮😮That’s insane.

  6. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    2 Million! Expensive! People underestimated the value!

    1. The Game Lab Avatar
      The Game Lab

      Price isn’t the same as value. I could sell a pencil to an idiot for 1million but is it valued at a million

  7. Sgt Mintberry Avatar
    Sgt Mintberry

    I’m sure Bentley designers are steaming right now…. They designed a 2 mil car that looks 80 grand to the average person. 😅

    1. R Avatar

      But it’s not the average person who buys one.

    2. JP Avatar

      ​@user-jt1jv8vl9r Yeah, that’s not the point. They’re saying it looks like it costs 80 grand to the average person. When you look at an Aventador, a Phantom, an SLS, etc, you think, “Yeah, that’s outrageous in price.”

    3. Sebastian Sosa Avatar
      Sebastian Sosa

      because the average person has no clue how much money o thing like that would be i’m sure bentley as a company does not care at all

    4. RacecarRik Avatar

      ​@Sebastian Sosa as long as the cars sell for 2 million they reallllly don’t care 😅

  8. Saumabho Bagchi Avatar
    Saumabho Bagchi

    “Nice car, what’s the retail on one of those?”
    More than you can afford pal, Bentley”

  9. Om Dahake Avatar
    Om Dahake

    Looks like 450K

  10. ORGANIC 🎭 CANCER Avatar

    they say 80k because like a traditional bently it will be worth that much in 4 years😂

  11. Daniel Vivor Avatar
    Daniel Vivor

    Looks like 100K

  12. JoelH Avatar

    So this car is a total loss😅

  13. Taha Haider Avatar
    Taha Haider

    It doesn’t look 2 mil from anywhere, if i had to guess, it’d be between 200-350k

  14. Matthew Kafka Avatar
    Matthew Kafka

    Imagine your 2mm car not even being mistaken for 800k, but just 80k

    1. yes Avatar

      To be fair, that’s just because they’re clueless. It definitely looks more expensive than 80k, lol

  15. TURBSKIES Avatar

    That’s an expensive Genesis… oh wait…

  16. Sky Rocket Avatar
    Sky Rocket

    Idc that car is beautiful

  17. Pagani Zonda S Roadster Avatar
    Pagani Zonda S Roadster

    Do same for a base Ferrari or a phantom Rolls Royce you’ll understand what the average person or public perception is about the value or how expensive a car is to the human eye.

  18. Nilesh Darunde Avatar
    Nilesh Darunde

    Imagine, if Bentley can make a car which looks like 80k despite being 2 millions. What Rolls Royce was thinking to make a Skoda knockout looking car for 32 millions.

    1. Datey Mintah Avatar
      Datey Mintah

      Thank you! My thoughts exactly but couldn’t find anyone else who agreed. The crassiest Rolls I’ve ever seen in a long while. Watching the reveal with JWW I kept wondering throughout the video how he could talk about the design with a straight face. The sheer volume of cynical marketing jargon

  19. Q N Avatar
    Q N

    It’s sad since looking up Bentley’s, the Average 40-50k miles that are 2018 range from 60-120k. Imagine buying a car for 250k+ and then have it diminish by 60-80% in just 4 years. That’s if you’ve only put the lowest amount of miles possible. Otherwise it drops even further. That’s just terrible.

  20. gregor rigobert Avatar
    gregor rigobert

    Love how he calls every car his but it never is

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