These car features are unforgivable! 😡






29 responses to “These car features are unforgivable! 😡”

  1. Elfreda Adamson Avatar
    Elfreda Adamson

    You run really good content and keep it up👍👍

  2. Leah Avatar

    Meine Arbeit bringt häufige Geschäftsreisen in verschiedene Städte in Deutschland mit sich, in 3 Tagen werde ich in Leipzig sein, ich bin ein alleinstehendes Mädchen, offen für neue Bekanntschaften!☝️

    1. Takhai Watson Avatar
      Takhai Watson

      Bro ur profile

  3. Eva Arnold Avatar
    Eva Arnold

    Mal wieder ein geiles video! danke!

  4. Negus Negus Avatar
    Negus Negus

    Mats got arms
    Look at that upper cut

  5. James Stefanson Avatar
    James Stefanson

    Yanni, Sam and Matt for the next top gear style car show! I need a hole filled that these boys could definitely fill.

    1. Aloniab Asmerom Avatar
      Aloniab Asmerom

      Yo facts they are going to be The New Top Gear replacements for 2023 Yo facts 😂😂😂

  6. BP Avatar

    mclaren 😆

  7. John Richardson Avatar
    John Richardson

    Some manufacturer should build his perfect car around all of these reviews

    1. Swe Fox Avatar
      Swe Fox


  8. christopherjc_cruz Avatar

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    1. Danielle Swanson Avatar
      Danielle Swanson

      Please how tell me?

    2. christopherjc_cruz Avatar

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      Rita Cunningham

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      Helen Keller

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  9. Henry Tang Avatar
    Henry Tang

    Ditch the load cover. If you’re not doing anything illegal, you don’t need it.

    1. Kyle Kaye Avatar
      Kyle Kaye

      Right, because only illegal things stored on the boot are valuble😅


    my uncle lost 70k on his 720s in one year without hitting it once bcz of bad build quality .

  11. Tyler Newlin Avatar
    Tyler Newlin

    So this is why every used hatchback I buy has a missing parcel shelf.
    People who originally owned the car *yeeted* it into the woods.

  12. Yami Ali Avatar
    Yami Ali

    Low covers need to be burnt

  13. Abhinav Kante Avatar
    Abhinav Kante

    it was masarati

  14. oludotun ode Avatar
    oludotun ode

    I actually thought McLaren had made an SUV 😂😂

  15. Marco Benz Avatar
    Marco Benz

    Car key’s too heavy?! My my, first world problems… 🎻

  16. Pmrapter67 Avatar

    No Load Covers were harmea during the make of this video❗️❗️❗️❗️

  17. Ammar Tawwaf Avatar
    Ammar Tawwaf

    Imagen if sport car companies making commodity cars

  18. Kurdish_ _BOSS_Gamer Avatar
    Kurdish_ _BOSS_Gamer

    Could you F ing show the car

  19. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz on this channel day 264

  20. S.A. Kar98 Avatar
    S.A. Kar98

    I’m feeling sorry for the car owner 😂

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