The Tesla Model X wishes it could do this…






41 responses to “The Tesla Model X wishes it could do this…”

  1. victor7491 Avatar

    Looks cool but what if it’s raining? At least the merc SLS’ wing style doors still cover the seats from above

    1. nicoli gonzales Avatar
      nicoli gonzales

      That’s y i love the SLS AMG

    2. Zestriddle Avatar

      Same with model X

    3. mtnman1984 Avatar

      ​@Zestriddleon the X, the door sides act as a roof when they are fully open. Not so much with this car.

    4. Matija Dejanović Avatar
      Matija Dejanović

      Just what I thought

    5. Haru Yanto Avatar
      Haru Yanto

      Then it opens like a normal door lol

  2. Gourab Das Avatar
    Gourab Das

    Hans Zimmer in the beemer

  3. MSIContent Avatar

    Lol. No benefit! You still need the space to swing the door open. What’s the point??

    1. Euan Morris Avatar
      Euan Morris

      Looks cool

    2. Haru Yanto Avatar
      Haru Yanto

      There’s no need for a benefit, it just looks cool lol have you not seen other cars?

    3. MSIContent Avatar

      Also.. it’s expensive to manufacture. Unless you have some magic sauce, the company will fail – no Mayer how cool it looks.

    4. geemy Avatar

      easier entry/exit good if you’re tall/old/back issues

    5. JMNTN Avatar

      Copy tesla but not put in all of the effort.

  4. david speedy Avatar
    david speedy

    Great for when it starts pissing down with rain and the rear seats etc get absolutely drenched very good 👍 well done china smashing job guys

    1. Taha Haider Avatar
      Taha Haider

      I think you have the option of only opening the side doors

    2. Steve Avatar

      It certainly looks like the rear side windows are part of the door that raises to the roof. With only the side door open, you would have to crawl out of the back seat.

    3. Haru Yanto Avatar
      Haru Yanto

      You can just open the door normally btw

    4. geemy Avatar

      ​@Steveyou mean crawl out of the back seats like in any car with traditional doors

  5. Sir Mingus Dew IV Avatar
    Sir Mingus Dew IV

    That’ll cost a lot to fix.

    1. Mephistroll Avatar


    2. Paijo Avatar

      The car is already expensive 😂

    3. Jørgen Avatar

      Some 19 year old will buy it used 13 years from now and get a hefty price tag for repairs once one of the door motors stop working lol

    4. KingofInterns Avatar

      ​@Jørgenit wont last 13 years

  6. Emilio Gamez Avatar
    Emilio Gamez

    Rain joined the chat:

  7. Matt Horzen Avatar
    Matt Horzen

    Those are cool n all but something about the whole door hits the spot lol

  8. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    Imagine the costs to repair doors like that! Even a small side on collision would cause a malfunction probably.

  9. LegendSays Avatar

    Perfect car for UK weather !

  10. yuqpou Avatar

    the most coolest feature on a car done without any purpose

  11. Jeroen Derks Avatar
    Jeroen Derks

    Tesla also dreams about the build quality of this car.

    1. Dinosmart11 Avatar

      Lol this quality of this car is trash. Rather have a Tesla tbh

  12. t1hol Avatar

    It’s gonna be fun in the rain with all those displays

  13. mini4ture Avatar

    Niceee, except it defeats the point of having gull wing doors in the first place, to get in and out easier. The combination of both just, well, defeats the point.

  14. WeaponXI Avatar

    Amazing for those tight parking spaces

  15. FalconGamer58 Avatar

    The car has gaming chairs

  16. JD Avatar

    One of Tesla’s hallmarks is simplicity or minimalistic.

  17. aaronloi Avatar

    Lol those who comment about rain, ask yourself too with convertible sportscar and supercar with roof that we have to remove manually

  18. jlehm 1982 Avatar
    jlehm 1982

    It’s all fun and games until you’re in a low garage or it’s raining/snowing outside…

  19. Victoria Penelope: Your new girlfriend 💝 Avatar
    Victoria Penelope: Your new girlfriend 💝

    Indeed, having the ability to escape from a rolled-over vehicle is crucial, and it’s an advantage if it’s easier to do so compared to certain Tesla models. Safety should always be a top priority on the road. 🚗👍

    1. ivycomb Avatar

      The issue with this statement is that the Model X basically never rolls over. I was only able to find one news article of this ever happening (there might be more in non-English articles) and it still to date has the highest rollover safety rating of any SUV, period, as in testing they were unable to get it to roll over fully at all, and kept on self-righting itself

    2. Robert Smedley Avatar
      Robert Smedley

      @ivycombit isn’t actually an SUV though, they call it an SUV, but has none of the characteristics of an SUV, it’s like calling a Camry an SUV, then saying it’s less likely to roll over, cause it’s so much lower to the ground.

  20. Ethanol Avatar

    Takes 3-5 business days to open

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