The sheer rage i feel 💀






28 responses to “The sheer rage i feel 💀”

  1. Anna Hendrickson Avatar
    Anna Hendrickson

    Ich vermisse deine Videos schrecklich. Könntest du sie bitte regelmäßiger posten?
    🌷🌷 7 🚖

    1. 24k Avatar

      They post EVERY day.
      What planet are you on ?

  2. KraytDragon_63 Avatar

    Keep up the shorts carwow😂

    1. 24k Avatar

      I can only assume thats sarcasm.

    2. KraytDragon_63 Avatar

      @24k No it isn’t

    3. 24k Avatar

      @KraytDragon_63 ….. well you are either a young child or an adult who needs a thorough head examine

    4. Evan Dunnavant Avatar
      Evan Dunnavant

      @24kand you apparently can’t have fun and laugh a bit. If you don’t like it the leave

    5. 24k Avatar

      @Evan Dunnavant far too many assumptions there kid. Grow up.

  3. Meerkat Avatar

    Mat these comments are weird..

    1. OnlyViralVidz Avatar

      Shut it

  4. ZettoMedia Avatar

    Did they find a new person to make these shorts? 😆👌

  5. mamin2849 Avatar

    We’ve all been there

  6. Snake Eyes Avatar
    Snake Eyes

    There’s a reason why Driving Stereotypes by Dude Perfect calls that area The Black Hole.

  7. Kyle Patterson Avatar
    Kyle Patterson

    I sometimes cannot take this channel serious LOL

  8. Jan Duda Avatar
    Jan Duda

    you finally bring some quality content 😂😂

  9. Gr1MM240 Avatar

    Looks a lot like my car, and I dropped my phone between the seats last night. Are you watching me or something?

  10. M Hussain Avatar
    M Hussain

    Hahahahahaha when you late to work then you lose your keys be like: WHERE ARE MY KEYS AM LATE TO WORK

  11. mark homer Avatar
    mark homer

    May want to invest in some car seat gap fillers , eBay 👍

  12. Ben Avatar

    Give your social media guy a raise

  13. Andrew Hunter Avatar
    Andrew Hunter

    BMW apparently has a small Black Hole stored in those areas …

  14. cameron burke Avatar
    cameron burke

    There’s a €1 under the seat rail in my car and it’s impossible to get out

    1. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
      DreadPirate Flappy

      i’ve had a pack of tic tacs by mine for two years, sold my car last week and had to let the tic tacs go with it.

  15. Mini BMW Avatar
    Mini BMW

    That’s all of us mat

  16. Manish Tomar Avatar
    Manish Tomar

    You should’ve bought a manual key car then!

  17. WeaponXI Avatar

    Its ok to lose the keys there you’ll get them.. the fries from McDs drive through tho.. those are literally fml moments damn it

  18. adiohead Avatar

    A woman made this.

  19. Dusan Destanovic Avatar
    Dusan Destanovic

    That was a bat-cat!

  20. maerklin29800 Avatar

    Cannot happen in a Tesla😂

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