The new Ford Transit has the coolest interior feature!


27 responses to “The new Ford Transit has the coolest interior feature!”

  1. @ChloeChoinko Avatar

    Interesting content, keep it up!😛😛 ( 🌺’

  2. @riba2233 Avatar

    Only pr0n bots, nice

  3. @jesusmoya4807 Avatar

    Need this in my F150

  4. @_GamerGod Avatar


  5. @leomux2004 Avatar

    *happy american noises*

    1. @shroomyesc Avatar

      Too bad it’s a Transit Custom, Americans don’t get that treat

  6. @desuyuri1420 Avatar

    Appreciate the honesty in your videos, it’s rare these days

  7. @anniejanuary6326 Avatar

    Heh thougt it was a toilet cover at first. 😂

    1. @amuroray1085 Avatar

      You could use it for that.

    2. @murrynathan Avatar

      What a load of crap.

  8. @Pilch. Avatar

    The last thing americans need is a dinner table in there cars 😂

    1. @coastaku1954 Avatar

      As someone who eats in their car during lunch breaks and has a tray in their car at all time, I would LOVE this!!!

    2. @shroomyesc Avatar

      Except it’s a transit custom which isn’t sold in the US

    3. @anwargorham Avatar

      If you’re going to throw insults at least use “their”

  9. @fernandogodinez661 Avatar

    Sorry but that steering wheel table is not for a laptop, it’s for making food videos on Tik Tok.

  10. @Osounds. Avatar

    The last time it will be used for a laptop

  11. @jackpresley3254 Avatar

    People are definitely gonna try driving like this 😂

  12. @asamson23 Avatar

    And wait until you inevitably lose the center bit that you put to make the table

  13. @symbolls7750 Avatar

    thats so you can make a choctail while you drive

  14. @timmyidnetwork3229 Avatar

    This is afordtable 😊

  15. @joshuamatheron1 Avatar

    Sure that’ll just be used for racking up lines

    1. @ashleyboyer2721 Avatar

      That’s what I just put 😂

  16. @Wehiremonkeys Avatar

    Elon Musk is getting ideas for the new “Auto Pilot.” I mean what could possibly go wrong?

  17. @DavidDeblaere Avatar

    As someone who’s on the road a lot this would be so handy in my car

  18. @thomasholdsworth2422 Avatar

    Great, until the mechanism fails and your steering wheel flops over on the move! 😂

  19. @ashleyboyer2721 Avatar

    Tradies will be racking lines up on this ha

  20. @guillaumedehome Avatar

    shaped like wc shield

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