The most accessible traction button ever! 😍






33 responses to “The most accessible traction button ever! 😍”

  1. @Destebreljudijhh Avatar

    Bruh there’s more bots in the comments than actual people 💀

    1. @Hassardousdocc69420 Avatar

      If i am the new ceo of youtube, bots are extinct

    2. @Foreignmonk34 Avatar

      Bots with asses in their profile pic

  2. @riccardofogliani2049 Avatar

    Bruh tf are these comments 😂

  3. @user-cb9jt9wc8f Avatar

    Pov: u see all The pics from the comments

  4. @ravd883 Avatar

    Yes, because most people use it all the time 🙄😂

    1. @TheRealerCanMan Avatar

      3rd thing I press when I get in hop in my push to start

    2. @albinlorin6317 Avatar

      I press it every time! You never know when you need it in “sport”. Stay ready folks✊️

  5. @JohnHendricks05 Avatar

    I don’t get it… my car has the button there too… If anything the button should be the auto turn off/on engine at stop lights.

    1. @imadrais7251 Avatar

      Imagine you have an active kid in the set passenger and accidentally clicked on it

    2. @hongkongstuey Avatar

      It’s not like it is a supercar, it’s a cupra​@@imadrais7251

    3. @danielk3893 Avatar

      Not the actual engine. Just auto on)off​@@imadrais7251

  6. @granatenpapst1897 Avatar

    My 2015 Opel Insignia has it right in front of me without taking the space in the middle console… wdym 😂

  7. @ruthlessluder Avatar

    lol it’s the wrong place to put a button you probably never use

    1. @danielbasti1799 Avatar

      You buy a sporty car because you want to drive it sporty. The buyers of this car use it very often.

  8. @LeeviLuv Avatar

    Really important in a front wheel/all wheel drive car…

  9. @matthewnesbit3748 Avatar

    Glad, hope they also sorted the infotainment screen and added back lights to heating/sound bar

  10. @Ka0s42 Avatar

    My car (Renault Koleos 2) has it on the dashboard in the space between the driver door and the steering wheel, so only the DRIVER can switch it off. How do you consider the cupra placement “well done”, when the passenger could just be pressing it for shits and giggles and cause massive problems?

  11. @Stuka87 Avatar

    My BRZ has both the traction control and track mode buttons in the same area…

  12. @Foookinmate Avatar

    „Hey, since no one is buying Audis anymore, we still have a ton of the ugly start stop buttons lying around“ „Ok, come on, let’s put them in the Cupra as a traction Control button“😒😂

  13. @hongkongstuey Avatar

    Mines kinda hidden from view down and right from steering wheel, a blind press could turn tcs off, lane assist off, blind spot warning off or lower/raise my headlights 🤣🤣

  14. @Fr3shJuice1024 Avatar

    I can’t tell if Carwow is being sarcastic or just plain stupid, I’ll pay £200 to reprogramme the button to auto stop on/off.

    1. @danielbasti1799 Avatar

      Carwow is being smart and reasonable. You buy a sporty car because you want to drive it sporty. Traction control and sporty driving do not mix. Cupra did a great job making it easy to turn traction control off. This is not a Prius.

    2. @Spunkey1982 Avatar

      @@danielbasti1799 It’s a front-wheel drive rebadged Seat. It is many things, but ‘sporty’ is not one of them.

  15. @veselikanal7738 Avatar

    But start/stop???? Awful

  16. @Fr3shJuice1024 Avatar

    In case if you don’t know this trick. Long press the screen switch button (on the left of the passenger A/C slider) will take you to the page where you can turn on/off engine auto stop start.

  17. @deyon100 Avatar

    My ST-3 focus has it there too

  18. @peterwilliamson1825 Avatar

    If you’re having to press a button, the function (traction control in this case) doesn’t work that well in the first place.

    1. @RoadsterAlex Avatar

      To turn it off

    2. @peterwilliamson1825 Avatar

      @@RoadsterAlex That’s my point., is it worked well you’d give it a damn good leaving alone.

    3. @RoadsterAlex Avatar

      @@peterwilliamson1825 you are faster if the line without traction control

  19. @amina6201 Avatar

    What about Honda ? It’s very obvious left the steering wheel

  20. @DimMyPrp Avatar

    I rarely use this button. Since this car has few buttons anyway, it would be much more convenient if Seat had maped this button to the parking assistant instead. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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