The king of hatches is back! 🔥


26 responses to “The king of hatches is back! 🔥”

  1. @KarolineFrench Avatar

    Keep inspiring your audience. Your videos are a true embodiment of creativity and professionalism.🦁🟣🦆

  2. @MUSICNATION555 Avatar


    1. @jarraandyftm Avatar

      Who cares?

    2. @MUSICNATION555 Avatar

      @@jarraandyftm Everyone

    3. @jarraandyftm Avatar

      @@MUSICNATION555 nobody does. It’s most boring fucking thing on every comment section on youtube.

  3. @LyisaMalone Avatar

    Thank you for your interesting and varied content. Your videos always pay attention to detail, which is nice.🦀🍩🐠

  4. @EshleyDurham Avatar

    Watching your videos is like diving into an ocean of beauty. Thank you for this visual celebration!😀 ) 🍷

  5. @VirgiBell-it7nw Avatar

    Das Ansehen Ihres Inhalts ist wie eine Reise in die Welt der Magie. Danke für diese Expedition! 🐶 1 ‍♂️

  6. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    Lol who cares about the numbers 🤣

    1. @cameronlotter1392 Avatar

      Everyone with a brain

  7. @ETRPK-rk4wv Avatar

    Rip ford focus rs

  8. @Jordan-td7yb Avatar

    Who paid for all these NPC’s/bots in the comment section?

    1. @Dorrere Avatar

      Idk man like I feel bad for you

  9. @itisallaboutspeed Avatar

    as a car content creator i approve this video

  10. @Mohamed-jt9zr Avatar

    What’s the song name gaddamn it ?

    1. @Jonathan-yd1th Avatar

      Glorb – The Bottom 2

    2. @ardoin_337 Avatar

      Yeat – VVV

    3. @adiohead Avatar

      Darude – Sandstorm.

  11. @jarraandyftm Avatar

    Some weird comments here like.

  12. @juniorg4899 Avatar

    Poor Matt his yaris is useless now😂

  13. @Sabloschi Avatar

    Why camufllage when it looks exactly like old one?

  14. @Manchler Avatar

    I like the new interior but i hate that its boxy i wish it was more round

  15. @simonbussey7530 Avatar

    And just like that the 1st gen GR Yaris value went through the floor.

  16. @user-vk4vd7vr5t Avatar

    It is not, and will never be the king of hatches.

  17. @fatlindhalili1937 Avatar

    Many more hatchbacks are better than this GR Yaris bro what are you talking about?4 hatchback brands are just from the germany BMW,MERCEDES,AUDI & VOLKSWAGEN this can’t be king of the hatchbacks bro.I mean come on man.

  18. @armandbotha6723 Avatar

    Give more… Unsatisfied

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