The Future is Hydrogen powered – Riversimple Rasa #shorts #hydrogenfuelcell #riversimple #petrolped






8 responses to “The Future is Hydrogen powered – Riversimple Rasa #shorts #hydrogenfuelcell #riversimple #petrolped”

  1. Paul N Avatar
    Paul N

    Remind me again how much electricity it takes to produce Hydrogen. Then add in the transportation and storage costs….

  2. Michal Klucz Avatar
    Michal Klucz

    Hydrogen is a dead end.

  3. MotorScotti Avatar

    I’d like to see hydrogen and synthetic fuels made available, also to keep the existing car fleet running in the future, but so far the production of neither of them seems to be ecologically and economically sustainable. Let’s see what future developments can add to the equation.

  4. Ali Bro Avatar
    Ali Bro

    Good luck finding a filling station.

  5. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Mate you are driving a bomb

  6. Robert Richardson Avatar
    Robert Richardson

    Can’t wait. I have a hydrogen outlet in my carport.

  7. The Laser Hive Avatar
    The Laser Hive

    The future will always be Hydrogen ( at least it has been since I was an electronics student in the 80s).

  8. Tristan Bird Avatar
    Tristan Bird


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