The Citroen Ami didn’t stand a chance…






29 responses to “The Citroen Ami didn’t stand a chance…”

  1. 4viator Avatar


  2. Blinna Group  Avatar
    Blinna Group

    lol 😂

  3. Maria Macdonald Avatar
    Maria Macdonald

    Ich liebe deine videos
    👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 8 🌗

  4. カフェイン中毒の民 Avatar


  5. Сергій Фещенко Avatar
    Сергій Фещенко

    Прикольний відосік

  6. Rupert Stewart Avatar
    Rupert Stewart

    Ptsd to Clarkson in the Reliant Robin

    1. Goldie Avatar

      That will never get old 😂

    2. Rentta Avatar

      Well at least that was modified in order to make it roll

    3. rasmus lahti Avatar
      rasmus lahti

      @Rentta they we’re trying to do it here too, they went several times full speed through this corner before it finally hapenned

  7. mamin2849 Avatar

    Is the ami owner ok?

    1. Franz Huber Avatar
      Franz Huber

      According to Riviera Radio, the Ami’s two passengers, 16 and 22 years old, were both reportedly sober and unhurt in the crash.
      from thedrive

    2. Clyde Frog Avatar
      Clyde Frog

      They are in a better place now.

    3. Rodolphe de Coutant Avatar
      Rodolphe de Coutant

      C’est à Monaco , deux idiots .. ils n’ont rien , pas de blessures par contre .. amende salée !!!
      Bonjour de France !

  8. Jared Lostetter Avatar
    Jared Lostetter

    Reliant Robin vibes

  9. Cubicae Avatar

    Wow they actually made an electric “car that has a terrible center of gravity? Is the battery not in the floor or just too small to actually make a difference?

    1. Sergej Kleim Avatar
      Sergej Kleim

      Zumal die Karosserie bei dem Vehikel, soweit ich mich erinnere, hauptsächlich aus Plastik besteht und kaum Gewicht haben sollte.

    2. rasmus lahti Avatar
      rasmus lahti

      they went severall times through this corner at full speed before it happened

    3. Alan Fisher Avatar
      Alan Fisher

      this happened in monaco – on a hairpin bend that is part of the F1 racing circuit. the track has critical corner areas that have been coated in an ultra high grip surface for the race cars that would normally not be found on a normal road. I suspect that this is one of them… On any normal road surface I suspect it would be incredibly hard to roll an AMI. It would be designed to break grip before it does that,.

  10. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    I would love to see a Moose Test in this car…

  11. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    “Not the children” more like “Not a corner”

  12. Veloso Avatar

    I want one just so i can go out and do round abouts in 2 wheels

  13. sawwlia Avatar

    It should call not Citroen AMI or OMG

  14. Jawadul Karim Avatar
    Jawadul Karim

    Why is that man barking?

  15. Ru Be Avatar
    Ru Be


  16. SomeRandomDude Avatar

    Maybe you shouldn’t be driving 50 mph while trying to make a sharp turn?

  17. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai getz on carwow day 293

  18. Char Aznable Avatar
    Char Aznable

    Ah french engineering at its best 😂😂

  19. MindFreeze083 Avatar

    When you drive an electric car and because it has instant torque think “yeah I can corner this thing like a Evo 5 and get all the clout😊”

  20. WolfUnbelievable Avatar

    What is happening?

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