The BEST car in the world for parents!






42 responses to “The BEST car in the world for parents!”

  1. mamin2849 Avatar

    Guess someone made a stink

  2. Dep Dep Avatar
    Dep Dep

    Built-in baby grill! Nice!

    1. Kian Houlihan Avatar
      Kian Houlihan


    2. Yohan Sharp Avatar
      Yohan Sharp

      I wish they added the built-in baby freezer too !

    3. 罗威纳犬 Avatar

      FBI open up

    4. 2moke_2creen Avatar

      Ezra Miller:

  3. drockjr Avatar

    Even the baby hates it

    1. Deividas Navickas Avatar
      Deividas Navickas

      Say “I don’t have kids” without saying “I don’t have kids”…….

    2. CK Chatta Avatar
      CK Chatta

      @Deividas Navickas Say “i have kids” without saying “i have kids”……….. ………..………..………..

    3. Deividas Navickas Avatar
      Deividas Navickas

      @CK Chatta if you don’t know that refers to just shush.

    4. Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares Avatar
      Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares

      ​@deividasnavickas We know what you’re trying to say, it’s just clear that you missed the joke.

    5. Daniel Dore Avatar
      Daniel Dore

      Jeremy clarksons mother is the real test

  4. procerator Avatar

    Imagine how hot it gets during a sunny day.

    1. Deividas Navickas Avatar
      Deividas Navickas

      shouldn’t be much, as it is under cover so it doesn’t get heated by direct sun light, still as hot as the cars overall interior.

  5. Eric Jarvis Avatar
    Eric Jarvis

    Until It breaks down… Which will be often

  6. JD Avatar

    They should have consulted the baby first 😂

    1. PeanutButter&Jelly Avatar

      Consent is everything. This is child assault.

    2. Nick hill Avatar
      Nick hill

      The design is very human 😂

  7. MysticMorgan Avatar

    All cars have this, it’s at the front, just open the bonnet and place on top of the engine cover, very safe

    1. Milind Dixit Avatar
      Milind Dixit

      Nice and warm for the baby as well.

    2. Saurav Chhabra Avatar
      Saurav Chhabra

      Plus, they get added benefit of the vibration of the engine. It’s like a massage to them.

    3. pbyt Avatar

      Did someone say heated bed?

  8. Mat K Avatar
    Mat K

    I love the X5 and Range Rover split tailgates for this reason. For the first 12 months of diaper changes, it was so useful!

  9. Moulvy Noerpashawibawa Avatar
    Moulvy Noerpashawibawa

    Itu was my car before was 1992 in brunei darussalam.i love these car

  10. TheJustaviewman Record Avatar
    TheJustaviewman Record

    How many babies will fall off that ? That’s one clever kid.

  11. Andrew Douglas Avatar
    Andrew Douglas

    The boot floor does the same job

    1. Jon C Avatar
      Jon C

      Can confirm. Have used the boot floor for this purpose a few times in a pinch

    2. Lungu Gabriel Avatar
      Lungu Gabriel

      And it is much much safer….

  12. Dan Dan Avatar
    Dan Dan

    My X7 with the split tailgate it has, I can change diapers for babies of any age, sit four to three people on it, use it as table, and it can hold a lot of weight.
    In your Alpha “diaper changer thing”, the baby has to be less than 6 months not to break it.

    1. Kourosh Ariane Avatar
      Kourosh Ariane

      Totally different sized and priced car though. Not everyone can afford an x7, but pretty much everyone can afford a 35k tonale

    2. DJL Avatar

      @Kourosh Ariane good luck finding a desirable one for 35k. Average UK price is closer to 55k.

    3. Dan Dan Avatar
      Dan Dan

      @Kourosh Ariane over here in USA the price is around $55k for decently loaded one, not counting added markups, which can be an extra $10k.

    4. Kourosh Ariane Avatar
      Kourosh Ariane

      @Dan Dan oh wow, if that’s the case might as well get the dodge hornet or the Alfa stelvio. Or an x5

    5. Dan Dan Avatar
      Dan Dan

      @Kourosh Ariane true that!

  13. Adhyyan kumar singh Avatar
    Adhyyan kumar singh

    Yeah! Perfect for your kid to roll over

  14. Helindu Muhandiramage Avatar
    Helindu Muhandiramage

    Its really nice when the baby decides to roll over😅

  15. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Awesome! The best SUV for Mat!

  16. william harden Avatar
    william harden

    Best baby storage I’ve seen yet.

  17. Marvin Samuels Avatar
    Marvin Samuels

    “Daddy! This isn’t a drag race!” 😭

  18. anderson fanfan Avatar
    anderson fanfan

    Until you realize you need a new pilot or telluride because it’s too small to put a carriage and groceries in at the same time.

  19. Ofentse Setlhako Avatar
    Ofentse Setlhako

    That baby was cute by the way 😊

  20. RC PLATE SHOP Avatar

    hope you like walking or renting another car often 😂

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