The best car boot in the world?






34 responses to “The best car boot in the world?”

  1. AshMakes Avatar

    Quick open the boot we’re getting late and gonna miss the plane.
    Wait a moment, gotta get my tablet out first

    1. Theodore Deverell Avatar
      Theodore Deverell

      @TehHitmarker like the fob. Idk what else to call it.

    2. TehHitmarker Avatar

      @Theodore Deverell Yeah, nobody uses those either. They always sit in your pocket. I haven’t taken mine out for anything.

    3. Theodore Deverell Avatar
      Theodore Deverell

      @TehHitmarker I imagine it’s keyless entry but either way it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like you or I are buying one.

    4. Ben Dover Avatar
      Ben Dover

      ​@TehHitmarker toyota Yaris?

    5. AshMakes Avatar

      @Theodore Deverell true

  2. Funky Monk Avatar
    Funky Monk

    Just like in mclaren f1.

  3. Shawn Combat Avatar
    Shawn Combat

    unless you are parked beside something or someone….

    1. Milind Dixit Avatar
      Milind Dixit

      Yep. Though anyone spending £3m on this won’t be parking it anywhere near anything or anyone…

    2. Shawn Combat Avatar
      Shawn Combat

      @Milind Dixit They have to always keep it in mind though, those minor inconveniences are what make me question if it was well thought out.

    3. Arballistic_ Avatar

      I mean it opens probably less than a normal car door so if you find a decent size parking space it’s probably fine

  4. zafurchio Avatar

    This is the first and most important thing i watch when i buy a car like this…lol

  5. Choughed Avatar

    I don’t think he knows what “fact” means.

  6. Mirsand Avatar

    Thats cool when u go to school or gym and u put ur bag in ther 😎💪

  7. Vee Macks Avatar
    Vee Macks

    They also work as emergency air brakes.

    1. Just a YouTube Commenter Avatar
      Just a YouTube Commenter

      Deployed after braking from 80mph. The hinge would probably fly off the vehicle, causing very expensive debris. 😂

    2. Vee Macks Avatar
      Vee Macks

      @Just a YouTube Commenter Oh yeah, they fly off after applying their 1% of increased braking performance prior to breaking themselves. Totally worth it though.

    3. mini4ture Avatar

      Hey, mate, can you get out and get activate the brakes? Thanks.

  8. Just a YouTube Commenter Avatar
    Just a YouTube Commenter

    At a price, though, especially that cool other compartment package bag there inside. However I do love this vehicle. I hope you get to review that T:50 as well.

  9. Make oxtail cheap again Avatar
    Make oxtail cheap again

    How will that work with car dynamics and weight?

    1. OmletOW Avatar

      If you mean track then it wouldn’t be in there but if anything it would be fine. Suspension would be affected the same was a bigger person would affect it

  10. AZ Avatar

    First there is Trunk, then Frunk, now Srunk

  11. Scuba Trucker Avatar
    Scuba Trucker

    took a page from Pagani 😍

    1. Özgür Mert Ulus Avatar
      Özgür Mert Ulus

      McLaren F1 also had this (Same guy designed both McLaren F1 and this car)

  12. Abdullah Razack Avatar
    Abdullah Razack

    Can’t fit dead bodies there

  13. Laaiq Hassim Avatar
    Laaiq Hassim

    The things you can stash in there 😂

  14. Paul Avatar

    Nice swinging action going on mat…I didn’t know you were into that😂😂

  15. Fredric Avatar

    Until u get side swiped and everything is gone 😂

  16. Adam Welber Avatar
    Adam Welber

    Shmee just released a video of himself touring this factory. The t50 is a stunner.

  17. Rajprit Deb Avatar
    Rajprit Deb

    Huayra laughing in the corner

    1. Jonathon Seaden Avatar
      Jonathon Seaden

      Side luggage compartment is from the mclaren f1 which pagani copied not vice versa

  18. Terrifying_Gh0st Avatar

    Imagine you’re late at the airport, and for any reason you can’t open it. 😂

  19. Kumudu Kulasekara Avatar
    Kumudu Kulasekara

    Why does a car made of carbon fiber need a V12 engine? But the fact that it can fit a few carryons is certainly impressive.

  20. Walters family Avatar
    Walters family

    When you have a baby and still want to keep the car. Baby has a seat too

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