Taking a Bugatti to a McDonald’s drive thru! 🥵






28 responses to “Taking a Bugatti to a McDonald’s drive thru! 🥵”

  1. handyklauer95 Avatar

    Where are these bots coming from?

    1. Daboss153 Avatar


    2. Kurisu Kun Avatar
      Kurisu Kun

      Makes me wanna unsub

  2. MisterMinns Avatar

    As a French, this is funny asf

  3. M3NACE Avatar

    A classic example of the juice not being worth the squeeze

  4. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    Bonjour try not to kerb your £4M alloys! 😅

    1. Dennis_NL Avatar

      The car is worth £2.8M

  5. jonosono Avatar

    So… A more accessible McDs wasn’t around?
    That wasn’t worth the hassle.

    1. rob Avatar

      i think most people getting mcds in a bugatti just park the car and go inside.

  6. denerfun Avatar

    andy wallace in the background, absolute unit

  7. RealGoose Avatar

    So a Bugatti comes with a team to help you navigate drive thurs? 😂

    1. Spacealien263 Avatar

      I certainly hope so for the price

    2. Brooda After Avatar
      Brooda After

      It’s the owner lol

  8. Electrohead Avatar

    Turning radius of a GSXR 😂

  9. ImaEatChicken Avatar

    He may have had a bugatti chiron, but he doesnt have ketchup

  10. Yelk Nicols Avatar
    Yelk Nicols

    You guys on the other side of the pond better stay out of trucks and suvs if your drive thrus are this tight lol

  11. Nilesh Darunde Avatar
    Nilesh Darunde

    And the fuel costed more than the food.

    1. Spacealien263 Avatar

      It does in a normal everyday road car so it doesn’t make any sense to complain unless you are one of those stupid Ben gas car people and I’ll make a counter argument to your dumb one why don’t we spend in some cases spend money on batteries for EVs then the car is even worth and sometimes worth more than the cars worth

  12. Travis Martinez Avatar
    Travis Martinez

    What a proper French interaction 😂

  13. wanne1987 Avatar

    3 Million Euro and no lift up system installed 🤣🤙

  14. ilannghost Avatar

    WTF . This is so beautiful and crazy

  15. Romanian Lifts Avatar
    Romanian Lifts

    Driving a car has never been that scary. Thoughts?

  16. Bence Batyi Avatar
    Bence Batyi

    You know it’s VW when it sounds like it has an Audi’s parking sensors 💀

  17. Just my Life Avatar
    Just my Life

    And then you have Andrew Tate, off roading a BugA.EEe 😂

    1. gobee Avatar

      wHaT cOlOuR?

  18. Juxy Avatar

    Matt be stressing his team and every car company 😂

  19. Juan A Avatar
    Juan A

    La miniatura del vídeo de Ibai es como la de este vídeo pero de Wish jajaja

  20. Oliver Grundy Avatar
    Oliver Grundy

    Didn’t know mat was fluent in french 😂

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