Stick of Truth TEST: AMG C63






23 responses to “Stick of Truth TEST: AMG C63”

  1. JayBugi Avatar

    The excuses are just pouring out of that man’s mouth. There’s ONE!

    1. Aris1956 Avatar

      Yes, they actually try to make excuses, but it is really ridiculous that such a car shows four exhaust pipes behind it and then they are fake.

  2. Jack Avatar

    The sheer disappointed “ohh” at the end 😂😂

    1. Wandering Existence Avatar
      Wandering Existence

      You know the real disappointing thing is how simple it would be just to make it two exhaust pipes…. Hopefully Matt Watson is shaming them into understanding that we actually care about authenticity.

    2. GSync Avatar

      The simple way of saying “cmon bud stop lying to yourself” 😭

  3. carspear Avatar

    your going to on the blacklist!!!!

  4. Pug A Avatar
    Pug A

    Matt got the man real nervous 😂😂😂 poor guy. He didnt design the exhaust, hes just selling thr carm

  5. Wandering Existence Avatar
    Wandering Existence

    There might be two valves within the exhaust system… But let’s just be honest, bud: It’s one exhaust.

  6. Star Wars is Life Avatar
    Star Wars is Life

    You’re gonns be on the run like John Wick because Mercedes are getting their kill contract ready lol

  7. SMIK25 Avatar

    And this is why Mercedes will never give an exclusive to Matt ever again 😂

  8. greathey1234 Avatar

    I think Matt get satisfaction doing this sort of test

  9. Corvolet5 Avatar

    Mercedes is destroying itself.

  10. RadiantSeven* Avatar

    Now thats what i call STICKIN it to the man! I had to lol

  11. Hop-Skip-Ouch Avatar

    Matt showing up to car shows with a stick dressed as Moses.

  12. I'M ASSASSIN CODM Avatar

    Stick of truth never fail

  13. T-Bag Avatar

    After they said ‘CUT’ Mat got headbutted.

  14. Megasummer 23 Avatar
    Megasummer 23

    What he’s saying is there’s 4 pipes in total 2 on each side, those two go into one so that they don’t have to make 4 active valves they’d rather just have two, and instead of having them go back from one to two exhausts(per side) they stay like that cuz it wouldn’t make any sense other wise

  15. Sparrow GH Avatar
    Sparrow GH

    Savage! Just see how he explains himself 🤣

  16. Seattle EUC Avatar
    Seattle EUC

    Two into one into two stutter stutter two into two and flap and flap.

    Matt: there is one.


  17. ɑׁׅ֮βׁׅ֒ժׁׅ݊υׁׅᥣׁׅ֪ᥣׁׅ֪ɑׁׅ֮hׁׅ֮ Avatar

    The 1 thing that all car manufacturers are afraid of is, Mats stick of truth 😅

    The poor guy 💩 on his pants when saw that stick

  18. Attitude Era 4 Lyf Avatar
    Attitude Era 4 Lyf

    Like hammond used to say ‘its a sock down your underpants!’

  19. Joe schmoe Avatar
    Joe schmoe

    Haha get em matt! They come out as two, then we bring it to the back as 2, but try to split it to 4 to make it look cool

  20. Chief Denis Avatar
    Chief Denis

    Looks really good, only thing it’s missing is 4 extra cylinders

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