SO MANY options on the new AMG GT…

Endless options …


30 responses to “SO MANY options on the new AMG GT…”

  1. Klare Norman Avatar
    Klare Norman

    Danke für deine videos

  2. Jürgen Klopp Avatar
    Jürgen Klopp

    Matt trying his hardest not to get invited again lol

  3. DevTNT Avatar

    For extra hilarity points you should state the price of the options

  4. siddhartha4000 Avatar

    They only sell the chassis as standard.

    1. Hen zo Avatar
      Hen zo

      Thats why I take BMW anyday over the Mercedes

  5. G&N Carz Edits Avatar
    G&N Carz Edits

    Nice car!!!

  6. Dutchman Avatar

    The reason why I bought a BMW.

    1. hahahahaahahahXDDD Avatar

      wil je zeggen dat jij de nieuwe amg gt kan betalen dan?

    2. Lusjsj Msmsksm Avatar
      Lusjsj Msmsksm

      Im sorry to hear that brother

    3. Ihor Adamchuk Avatar
      Ihor Adamchuk

      You forget to pay for your A/C

    4. M Colon Avatar
      M Colon

      You love paying for subscription?

  7. TT Versus Avatar
    TT Versus

    Mat as usual making them feel awkward by asking such questions

  8. sanda ngcobo Avatar
    sanda ngcobo

    Then what exactly will we be paying for?🤷‍♂️

  9. Dedu Tedy Avatar
    Dedu Tedy

    I guess the whole car is an option 😂😂 what a marketing joke this has become 😂😂

  10. GrimReaper Avatar

    Matt just has to make things awkward with all these questions 😂

  11. Jay C Avatar
    Jay C

    Mr DRY Mercedes getting the hang of AND loving the banter 😂

    1. Hunter Reeves Avatar
      Hunter Reeves

      They’ve learned what kind of guy they need to have there for Mat 😂

  12. Alfie Owen Avatar
    Alfie Owen

    I swear Matt is like 6’2! Jesus how tall is the other guy!

    1. FSExplorer-Ultrawide Farming Avatar
      FSExplorer-Ultrawide Farming


    2. M ム X Avatar
      M ム X

      You’re joking right? 6’2…. 🤣 Mat is shorter than Yianni and Yianni’s like 5’10 at the most.

  13. Conor Avatar

    Lol people like remove before race saying literally anything to avoid upsetting manufacturers. Love that mat is so big that he can be honest and say anything and get invited back.

    1. Boukm3n Avatar

      bro, if you’re buying this the options don’t freakin matter. They will buy it. It’s an AMG GT not a Honda. Nobody is penny pinching $700-$1500 options

  14. Luka Kutleša Avatar
    Luka Kutleša

    I think that Mat is only serious when talking to Porsche. Or people from Porsche know how to sell and make a car.

  15. R S2002 Avatar
    R S2002

    Easily the best motoring journalist right now. The courage to ask the questions that most won’t. Keep at it, Matt 👍

    1. M ム X Avatar
      M ム X

      Absolutely… 😊 He is the Clarkson of this generation. Would love to seem him as a top gear presenter.

  16. Сергей Иванов Avatar
    Сергей Иванов

    Engine is optional too?😂

  17. Detlef Schnitzelheimer Avatar
    Detlef Schnitzelheimer

    Believe it or not: it also is optional to buy a merc…and I definitely dont tick that box.

  18. BenGSynth Avatar

    That thumbnail makes the guy look like he’s talking to Bill Gates about his 959 or something.

  19. Umıt Bozkır Avatar
    Umıt Bozkır

    Mercedes-Benz is Mercedes-Benz. Even in the nineties if you wanted 5 gears gearbox instead a 4 on your 190E “it’s was an optioooon” 😂😂😂

  20. Excessive Avatar

    Mercedes: “We’ll give you a frame, with an option for adding tires for display only, the 5mph tires are only on the black series.”

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