Skoda Owners + A Frosty Morning = ❤️






28 responses to “Skoda Owners + A Frosty Morning = ❤️”

  1. TitaN Avatar

    Using it the wrong way pal

  2. YaBoiiAcorn Avatar

    I’m good with my remote start and unscratched windshield ThankYou 😅

    1. CMW Avatar

      When I saw this video I thought the exact thing . Remote start or remote heat – 15 mins, done.

    2. Yvon Q. Avatar
      Yvon Q.

      Same m here, in winter is start 20 minutes every week day before I use it. Easy to setup and already warm when you start 🙂
      Not even a remote start, it’s just turning on the heat. No need to start the car.

    3. j C Avatar
      j C

      How do you remote start a manual transmission?

  3. TheSackese Avatar

    I just set the timer and the car is warm when I take it.

  4. Gemba 007 Avatar
    Gemba 007

    What if you can’t open the fuel cap because its frozen 🤣

  5. Lythium x Avatar
    Lythium x

    I just spray windshield washer fluid over it and drive away with the heat on full blast and the rear defroster on, within a few mins it’s all cleared up

  6. boostaholic 71 Avatar
    boostaholic 71

    Ford owners press a button…🤣

    1. sdg198127 Avatar

      Damn it, you beat me to it

    2. Si Mac Avatar
      Si Mac

      Many can just press a button now… Ford’s patent expired over 10 years ago.

    3. sdg198127 Avatar

      @Si Mac clearly Skoda is a car you can’t

    4. Stefan Maddock Avatar
      Stefan Maddock

      Land rover owners also press a button. And the blind spot windows, and the wing mirrors. And the steering wheel. And the washer jets… Oh. And the seats!

    5. Errathetube Avatar

      Living in the cold north of Europe Ford’s windshield defroster is a life saver for half the year. For the second half I get bothered by the squiggly heating wires getting in the way of a clear view.

  7. MacatáKlobása Avatar


  8. Fredrik Bengtsson Avatar
    Fredrik Bengtsson

    Thanks for reminding us about the winter…

  9. Jørgen Avatar

    In situations like this, I’d rather have an AV like a Tesla, where I can start defrosting from my phone so that when I get out to drive, it’s free of snow and ice.

  10. Patryk Petrowski Avatar
    Patryk Petrowski

    Actually new Skodas had few quite simple but spot on solutions, like foldable sleeping arms on headrests or Simply stupid 220v socket at rear console.

  11. Thomas Lundberg Avatar
    Thomas Lundberg

    Not sure why so many people think this will scratch the glass. Its made of plastic. I’ve used plastic ice scrapers for years and never had a problem.
    If I’m at home I’ll grab some luke warm water because scraping ice off a car window is no fun and not a reason to love winter 😂

  12. Josefin Kjellsson Avatar
    Josefin Kjellsson

    We, Tesla owners, just press a button in the Tesla-app and the car is nice and warm in 2-3minutes. We even get a push-notification that desired temperature is set. even warm your seat and steering wheel 🍺

  13. john moloney Avatar
    john moloney

    I think most people would prefer the old fashioned kettle of tepid water instead of getting frostbite using that German piece of junk

  14. Jori Diculous Avatar
    Jori Diculous

    Im amazed neither Volvo or Saab thought about this.

  15. vgfsdygijodfhajgbils Avatar

    I also love my Skoda but because its an enyaq which has pre heating and i can start it by app.

  16. n1co Avatar

    if only i had an actual brush/scraper in my house that works about 2x better… hmmm

  17. Bene Avatar

    How to damage your windshield, and see nothing at night

  18. An DrewLarkin Avatar
    An DrewLarkin

    You know ford do heated windscreens right

  19. TChighbury Avatar

    On older Skodas the whole fuel flap would come off and you could do the same thing

  20. SaveReport Avatar

    *Laughs at you in heated windscreen*

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