Should every car have one of these?






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  1. Ohandanother Onebitesthedust Avatar
    Ohandanother Onebitesthedust

    They come in handy if you use a car seat that makes use of the belt around the child as the belt can stay extended and the buckle placed there

    1. PeanutButter&Jelly Avatar

      And also, if you fold the seat down and then you put it back up, you don’t have to correct the seatbelts into positions every time.

    2. Ohandanother Onebitesthedust Avatar
      Ohandanother Onebitesthedust

      @PeanutButter&Jelly  oh thats good i never thought

  2. James Wilcox Avatar
    James Wilcox

    I think we have some measurements between genius and pointless

  3. Wardy 8280 Avatar
    Wardy 8280

    These videos are so good

  4. Sᴘɪᴄʏ Rɪᴋᴇʀ Avatar
    Sᴘɪᴄʏ Rɪᴋᴇʀ

    If you own a BMW or Mini you should know the sound of a tangled rattling belt.

    1. M135i Avatar

      F20 1 series, passenger seatbelt buckle forever slapping the b-pillar plastics 🙈

    2. Pierce Lawless Avatar
      Pierce Lawless

      It’s not for rattling it’s so the belt doesn’t get caught when ur folding rear seats

  5. Jason Smith Avatar
    Jason Smith

    If you have kids this will make a great piggy bank.

    1. yeahitskimmel Avatar

      I’m a parent and my first idea when seeing this was still to put a coin in

    2. mini4ture Avatar

      Haha lol

      also as I liked this comment, someone unliked it, what are the chances.

    3. bbkangs Avatar

      For real. My daughter put coins in my PS5 😓

    4. Jason Smith Avatar
      Jason Smith

      @mini4ture  I won’t let it hurt my

    5. Jason Smith Avatar
      Jason Smith

      @bbkangs  maybe she was exchanging it for Bitcoin? Or trying to purchase that new weapon skin!

  6. camel joe Avatar
    camel joe

    Cmon matt you know its the comfort plus package for more belly room 😌

  7. Jonathan Cost Avatar
    Jonathan Cost


  8. Flitzi Avatar

    For the rearseats of the Citroen C4 Spacetourer it would be great.

  9. samuel917 Avatar

    Never in my life have I ever needed something like that for any reason.

  10. Bartek B Avatar
    Bartek B

    Seatbelts ratling is the worst thing ever. This is perfect solution. Give one also for front passenger!

  11. philipbrit13 Avatar

    Where I live people don’t bother using turns signals so it is unlikely they would bother plugging the seat belt buckle into that slot The only slot they plug in is with 🍩 donuts.

  12. Flam Jong Un Avatar
    Flam Jong Un

    To all commenters. It’s not for seatbelt rattling. It’s for when you drop you rear seats.

    1. Radek W Avatar
      Radek W

      Still useless. Simple touch of seat belt, turn, something moving on back, will get it from its place.

  13. Ben Lecluyse Avatar
    Ben Lecluyse

    Genius for sure !!

  14. Athithan Avatar


  15. D L Avatar
    D L

    Makes sense if it keeps it from getting scorching hot in the summers

  16. PROFESSOR_TV Avatar

    The beat goes hard ngl

  17. Se7en R. Avatar
    Se7en R.

    Simple and excellent

  18. Jondoe Gerrard Avatar
    Jondoe Gerrard

    It’s definitely not useless.

  19. ashiekg Avatar

    Is genius.. Especially people who just unbuckle and yeet the belt while opening the door causing the belt hitting the inside door frame before the buckle automatically draws back

  20. mousey mouse Avatar
    mousey mouse

    Well if it stops making the beeping after I put it in there I’m happy with it

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