Seriously Audi, what is this?! 😡






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  1. @jamesnicolson6833 Avatar

    I’d rather that than a mechanism with motors that hogs headroom. Besides it’s only the front

    1. @andreasgunnarsson9768 Avatar

      Audi is kind of the poor mans sports car brand though. The reasoning from the company is higher margins.

    2. @bentubeblu Avatar

      Seriously. My S6 has a manual shade, but two turbos. I’m okay with that. I do appreciate that my A4 Avant has a power one since it’s so long.

  2. @joearagoncars Avatar

    1 less thing to break🤷🏼‍♂️

    1. @hammon9670 Avatar

      Mofo you’ve just read my mind

    2. @Retrowolf131 Avatar

      I prefer manual

    3. @joearagoncars Avatar

      @@Retrowolf131 so true. i’d take an analog gauge cluster over digital any day

    4. @slavplaysgames Avatar

      ​@@joearagoncarsexcept the analog gouges sre good for nothing but speed and rpm while digital can display everything from your suspension to tire temp and pressure and much more

    5. @cedricbuhler3040 Avatar

      I love the manual in my audi. I can close it even with open roof window. In my tiguan the roof sunblind can not be fully closed when the window is open.

  3. @user-lw5vo5cz1h Avatar

    Bro don’t be lazy 😂

    1. @TonyStark-wr7ob Avatar

      Buys 60k Audi and manual sunroof closer. 😂

    2. @user-lw5vo5cz1h Avatar

      @@TonyStark-wr7ob I saw guys who buys 1m + for a manual gear bro

    3. @user-lw5vo5cz1h Avatar

      @@TonyStark-wr7ob and they try to make a less weight

    4. @TonyStark-wr7ob Avatar

      @@user-lw5vo5cz1h that’s different when comparing with luxury cars

  4. @user-gd3wq5ob1x Avatar

    😂😂they want your hand to work for once

  5. @jishan6992 Avatar

    Something that won’t break in the future so be glad

    1. @Old-Bald-and-Grumpy Avatar

      It will break just after warranty, will be expensive to fix cause it is German engineering.

  6. @cardealerfan3349 Avatar

    What is that Audi?

    1. @matthewp9015 Avatar


  7. @Roadtriprjb Avatar

    That’s the last place you want added weight.

    1. @AlzhinSon Avatar

      Acting like this, which looks like a -SUV- (okay I was wrong, looks like an S3) is some type of racecar that’s gonna suffer tremendously from having a tiny bit of weight up top.
      How about we calm down

    2. @DeathSc00p Avatar

      My bum: 👀

    3. @philjerrampj Avatar

      Ride height doesn’t look like it’s an SUV.

    4. @matthewp9015 Avatar

      @@AlzhinSonit’s an S3, which is a hatchback.

    5. @oberender64 Avatar

      Who cares about weight at the roof when u drive to work?😂

  8. @nileshdarunde Avatar

    We got so lazy from pushing buttons, that manually doing simple tasks is a sin now.

    1. @TonyStark-wr7ob Avatar

      It’s a 40-60k dollar car. Not a 15k dollar car.

    2. @Arny1995 Avatar

      ​@@TonyStark-wr7ob show me a new 15k car that exists in the current market.

    3. @garethlatcham5993 Avatar

      Who gives a fk😂​@@TonyStark-wr7ob

  9. @T-Bag13 Avatar

    Quicker by hand.
    No electrical shite.

  10. @Elevate_G Avatar

    It’s an added extra. Spend £51k and you get automatic sunroof.

  11. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    It’s an Audi what do you expect

    1. @beinjar5634 Avatar

      It’s a poor VW

  12. @phil_zupra_b5880 Avatar

    So what’s so bad about this? I get automatic sunblinds on panorama roofs that go all the way to the back. But this is just a little window. It honestly takes 2 seconds to close with your hand.

  13. @sunilnijran1515 Avatar

    A fly net?

  14. @PoppyPitts-vm3jx Avatar

    Your vibe is infectious, love watching your content!

  15. @Admonitor_ Avatar

    Poeple dont understand how good this is. A electric blind usually cant be fully closed while the roof is open. With the manual one, Im able to drive with the roof open, but the blind closed, so the sun isnt burning on my head but I still get the benefit of air circulation and get to enjoy the sound of my 5cylinder.

    I prefer having it manual for that reason, like it is in my RS3, instead of having if electric line in my S4.

  16. @jonathanlang9711 Avatar

    Nah I’d prefer are nicely made smooth working manual mechanism over an electric one. One less thing to break, less weight and less headroom taken up. Acting positive on the center of gravity as well as the overall height and aerodynamics. That’s honestly something I wouldn’t expect from Audi. They usually like to overcomplicate things.

    1. @hyosang82 Avatar

      I’ve mentioned about less weight too on another comment and someone didn’t take it well lol.

  17. @ctk4949 Avatar

    Uhh unless its a full length sunroof, aren’t they all manual?!?!? But you never complain about them having the same basic exterior design for decades now, lol

  18. @Genshinnoob25 Avatar

    I’d rather have that over a motor that will break so easily

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