Rimac Nevera sets a world record… in REVERSE!






55 responses to “Rimac Nevera sets a world record… in REVERSE!”

  1. Riley Jack Avatar
    Riley Jack

    Es ruft ein Gefühl von Respekt und Bewunderung hervor!💚

  2. ALMX5DP Avatar

    Wonder if they changed the steering rack ratio to make it be a bit (lot) less twitchy.

    1. Daniel Mustang Avatar
      Daniel Mustang

      i wonder if they changed it just electronically. Might be electric steering. They must have changed it though

    2. dempsej Avatar

      Probably torque vectoring help with stability too.

  3. mini4ture Avatar

    Rimac is the best Croatian car brand

    and probably the only car brand

    1. Joe Beus Avatar
      Joe Beus

      There’s also Tedson Motors! Tedson Daydream 964/993 restomod !! + Hybrid option makes it the Fastest air cooled 911
      Oh and Bugatti ofc!! ✌️😎 🇭🇷🇭🇷

    2. Mikkel Ahrendt Avatar
      Mikkel Ahrendt

      ​@Joe BeusNope, Bugatti was first German then French… Now it’s German again though 😅

    3. RobinHood184 Avatar

      @Mikkel Ahrendtwhat?

    4. Joe Beus Avatar
      Joe Beus

      @Mikkel Ahrendt Italian guy opens the factory in then Germany until WW1, than Bugatti was French in 20s and 30s, than again Italian guy opens factory in Italy in the 90s, than again German in the 00s and 10s and Now since 2021 Bugatti is Croatian by 55% 😎, so 20s and 30s are gonna be again “Golden Era” for Bugatti !! 😁👍 🇭🇷

    5. Mikkel Ahrendt Avatar
      Mikkel Ahrendt

      @Joe Beus Fudge me! 🤦 Totally forgot about the whole joining forces with Rimac back in 2021…! That’s what you meant by Croatian, sorry my bad! 😅

  4. weeeeeee Avatar

    For when you really need that spot at the supermarket.

    1. Joel Avatar

      After Koenigsegg beat them going forward, Rimac are looking for any possible way to set a record 🤣

    2. Bhaveen Kerai Avatar
      Bhaveen Kerai

      In a different county 🤣🤣

    3. Joe Beus Avatar
      Joe Beus

      @Joel Lol Eggs beat them only in 0-400-0 (for now😉) with RIMAC Hybrid Battery system in Regera! 😁
      Acceleration 23 WR holds Rimac Nevera!
      And Top speed holds Bugatti Chiron SS !!
      Bugatti-Rimac: Kings of Hypercars!!✌️😎

    4. Joel Avatar

      @Joe Beus Is 0-400-0 not going forward?

    5. Joe Beus Avatar
      Joe Beus

      @Joel Yep, but it’s only ONE record out of 23 Acceleration World Records by Nevera (going forward)!! 😉

  5. Jason Smith Avatar
    Jason Smith

    171.34 mph in reverse, who here is grabbing the car keys to test their car out now?😅

    1. Cpt RS Avatar
      Cpt RS

      mine can do at redline 61km/h

    2. Jonathan Smith Avatar
      Jonathan Smith

      I think reverse has the same ratio as gear 2 in my car, so if the rev limit is 5400 like going forward, I could probably do 40.
      I think it is rev limited lower, so it’s probably more like 20 mph

    3. Jason Smith Avatar
      Jason Smith

      @Jonathan Smith most are limited by manufacturer, being that electric vehicles use 1 gear forward or reverse they can match speed dang near, minus aero, size of marbles the driver has, etc..

    4. Suyash Tilak Avatar
      Suyash Tilak

      that crv guy defo checked it before doing the j turn😂😂

  6. Sufian Shahid Avatar
    Sufian Shahid

    The nevera going backwards is faster than my car in full speed😮
    My last most liked comment was 170 likes and it was there for 8 months. This one has been here for 2 hours and i already got 200. Thank you ❤

    1. 𝕭𝖊𝖑𝖚-𝕸𝖆𝖒𝖔𝖓𝖙🦣YT Avatar


    2. Aswin Kumar Avatar
      Aswin Kumar

      Remember the “Cars” movie… Lightning McQueen driving backwards in race track

    3. D G Avatar
      D G

      Faster than most cars…

    4. Hakan Üçmer Avatar
      Hakan Üçmer

      It doesn’t matter for Electric cars

    5. Ara.am777 Avatar

      @Hakan Üçmerkinda does with aerodynamics and alot of other factors. also if u just use ur wheel and steer a couple cm ur dead

  7. Hendrie Kelder Avatar
    Hendrie Kelder

    Imagine u want to back up into a policecar😂

  8. Desert Sandfly Avatar
    Desert Sandfly

    Rimac basically made Forza physics a reality.

    1. Technicmaster09 Avatar

      Exactly what I was thinking haha 😂

    2. Crismon Shoteye Avatar
      Crismon Shoteye

      100 percent agree with u dude

  9. Asheek Maharaj Avatar
    Asheek Maharaj

    When you tell your friends I can beat you in reverse

  10. QuantumRicer Avatar

    Electric cars are technically as fast backwards as forwards, minus the aero effect

    1. Zepsuj To Sam Avatar
      Zepsuj To Sam

      Technically more of a problem is the steering in reverse, it needs to be calculated almost like a jump in hyperspace

    2. J G Avatar
      J G

      ​@zepsujtosam07 the Rimac doesn’t have it, but some cars do have rear steering. If the front wheels are locked, I bet the engineers can just use the electronic steering to move the rears instead. 🤔

    3. Zepsuj To Sam Avatar
      Zepsuj To Sam

      @J G then record for Rimac is even more OG

    4. Quel'Andil Avatar

      And u even charge the battery since u are turning the other direction!

    5. Bill 123f Avatar
      Bill 123f

      Yes but the top speed in reverse is lower due to aerodynamic drag

  11. Robloxcreator437 Avatar

    Imagine you in a ferrari racing and you see this guy in reverse passing you😂

    1. HomoSapien Avatar


  12. It is finished Avatar
    It is finished

    How terrifying… I can imagine one slight wrong move in the wheel and it’s gonna wipe out.
    🏆 to this driver lol

  13. Battalon Avatar

    Plot twist:
    It was played in reverse.

    1. Adam Epps Avatar
      Adam Epps

      Smart! 🤔

    2. Thibault Avatar

      Epic 😂

  14. Cpt RS Avatar
    Cpt RS

    imagine doing a J-turn at 270km/h

    1. Aboud aj gaming Avatar
      Aboud aj gaming

      Man u rollin and crashin and probably gonna break something whilst doing it

    2. AB HU Avatar
      AB HU

      ​@aboud_aj_gaming my friend, you will break your existence before breaking anything else

    3. Bert Demeulemeester Avatar
      Bert Demeulemeester

      That would probably seriously affect the earth’s rotation😂


    I’ll be hard to explain to your car detailer on why so many smashed bugs from behind your car 😂

  16. LuKa Gaming Avatar
    LuKa Gaming

    Wow you need balls of steel to go 275 kph in reverse 😮

  17. Gerd Ellsmore Avatar
    Gerd Ellsmore

    They must have either locked front wheels straight or massively changed the ratio of steering rack. The slightest input on steering would fling it out of control otherwise

  18. Smitesh Suresh Avatar
    Smitesh Suresh

    All the years of racing games have taught me that this is Dangerous

  19. Madirishman3 Avatar

    We need a carwow video Rimac in reverse vs ……….everything else normally

    1. Andy Koenigsdorf Avatar
      Andy Koenigsdorf


  20. joe22 Avatar

    props to the cameraman for running that fast

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