Red Bull F1 v 1,914hp Rimac v McMurtry! 🔥





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  1. FIFA_Edits Avatar

    Amazing video!!



  3. Brody Bros ® Avatar
    Brody Bros ®

    rimac nevera smashed it and McMurtry Spéiling wasn’t that far behind

    1. Cubicae Avatar

      “wasn’t that far behind” is quite an understatement, it got beaten by no more than a meter which is pretty much nothing

    2. smuckerdoodle Avatar

      And I think it was ahead initially

    3. Harry Johnston Avatar
      Harry Johnston

      The McMurtry was capped at 150mph without that cap it wouldn’t be close

    4. riba2233 Avatar

      McMurtry is faster if we look at their fastest runs in general

    5. M ム X Avatar
      M ム X

      Will be very interesting to see what the gap and times will be like when they get round to drag racing a 200mph version

  4. Psykology Avatar

    Okay now hit the hairpin and come back 😂

    1. Dhanu _45 Avatar
      Dhanu _45

      You do realize that the Speirling has more down force than the F1 car right? And at lower speeds it’s has 5x 6x times the down force

    2. Psykology Avatar

      @dhanu_4539  only reason the f1 car took so long is it doesnt have traction control and it doesnt have launch control, once they can lay down their power theyre pretty much untouchable by everything except illegally modified porsche le mans prototypes.

    3. Dhanu _45 Avatar
      Dhanu _45

      @Psykology I’m genuinely curious to see what the lap times are like on the speirling..if you want to talk about restrictions on F1 cars… They could run v12s or turbo V10s, they could use unlimited fuel, they could use traction control, they could use ABS, they could use launch control… everything is against regulations 😅

    4. Psykology Avatar

      @dhanu_4539  yea its supposed to be the pinnacle of racing technology but all the racing technology is banned 😂

    5. Dhanu _45 Avatar
      Dhanu _45

      @Psykology can’t really blame them. Either the cars will drive themselves around the track Or they’ll be traveling at such monstrous speeds that no amount of carbon fibre will protect them during a crash

  5. Not your dad, but your daddy Avatar
    Not your dad, but your daddy

    That f1 car got smashed💀

    1. ඩා Avatar

      As expected

    2. Speed King Avatar
      Speed King

      Try the race on a track

    3. Jusbert Meza Avatar
      Jusbert Meza

      @Speed Kingthey would also get smashed by most track cars 😂 F1 cars aren’t the peak of track racing its just like that for other reasons.

    4. NINO Avatar

      ​@Jusbert Mezarimac would lost

    5. USM Avatar

      ​@Jusbert MezaA formula 1 car is faster than any car, name 0at 1 car that will pass the Monza track in 1.18:

  6. Syed Raed A. Gilani Avatar
    Syed Raed A. Gilani

    Next up: Rimac Nevera vs 2000HP GT-R?

    1. Deniz Çayırgsn Avatar
      Deniz Çayırgsn

      fun fact : rimac nevera is 2000hp too

    2. ApersonThatisAfanOfbooterBeeandotherUkdrillArtists Avatar

      ​@Deniz Çayırgsnno its not its 1914 hp

    3. Mildly Strong Avatar
      Mildly Strong

      Rimac will destroy it. Launch like crap those GTRs over 2000

    4. Non Avatar

      GTR might not make to the end of the line before blowing up as much as a beast it is😭

    5. M ム X Avatar
      M ム X

      @Deniz Çayırgsn Fun fact: This isn’t even a fun fact because it’s just stupidly wrong.

  7. Joe Beus Avatar
    Joe Beus

    Croatian Power !!! 💪😎 🇭🇷🇭🇷

    1. RI-JE-KA Avatar

      Bosnian actualy

    2. M ム X Avatar
      M ム X

      @RI-JE-KA Rimac Automobili is a Croatian automotive manufacturer headquartered in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia, that develops and produces electric sports cars, drivetrains and battery systems. The company was founded in 2009 by Mate Rimac.
      So… Croatian 🇭🇷 😊

    3. riba2233 Avatar

      ​@RI-JE-KAcope. Bih is not even a real country ..

    4. Brett Franks Avatar
      Brett Franks

      Battery powered 😂

  8. Joe Beus Avatar
    Joe Beus

    Red Bull LOST a race in 2023 !!! 😂👍

    1. Cubicae Avatar

      Only because Verstappen wasn’t behind the wheel 😂

    2. Pedro Barrera Avatar
      Pedro Barrera

      ​@CubicaeVerstappen has bad starts more often than not. F1 cars are ment for 90 minute races around a circuit, not 10 second quarter miles.

    3. 5 Tool Avatar
      5 Tool

      Also that one was like the 2014 or 2015 one

  9. Donald James Avatar
    Donald James

    This just proves that it is Max …. NOT THE CAR 😂

    1. Areus Avatar

      Bro what this is literally a rb8 that was made over a decade ago

  10. Kessar Avatar

    Man that rimac is lightning quick ⚡. Red bully got destroyed.

    1. mark orlando Avatar
      mark orlando

      An F1 is not for drag racing

    2. MrDjsmooth87 Avatar

      If only the redbull didn’t spin its tires, this would’ve been a MUCH closer race, I think. Amazing fun just to watch anyway

    3. Cosmic Racing Supra Avatar
      Cosmic Racing Supra

      ​@MrDjsmooth87they have faster launches when they spin their tires. The only reason they don’t in races is to save grip.

    4. Boomsicle  Avatar

      @Cosmic Racing SupraI don’t think you learned physics well at school

    5. Scrobb3l Avatar

      Now bring the F1 car and the Rimac and McMurty in the corner, they are fast in the corner but they are no match for the F1 car. Also if you have the newer redbulls and if they were allowed to use ERS, DRS then yeah bye bye.

  11. Rocky Ugsod Avatar
    Rocky Ugsod

    Disable the McMurtry’s top speed limiter and I’ll watch the race again.

    1. riba2233 Avatar

      It is not a limiter, it is the gearing

  12. It’s just davey Avatar
    It’s just davey

    Change the gear box in the mc attack and watch it win

  13. Erick Omondi Avatar
    Erick Omondi

    An F1 car has never felt this slow…

  14. Sumukh Avatar

    Imagine doing 9.5 and coming in 3rd place

  15. GrimReaper Avatar

    McMurtry is a beast! Would be better if it had a higher top speed though..

    1. Milind Dixit Avatar
      Milind Dixit

      It does without the Goodwood gearbox but would get taken by the Rimac in a Carwow rolling race still.

  16. RSMEG3 Avatar

    Rimac should do a soft top with no windscreen and let Jeremy Clarkson drive it 😂 imagine the flaps of his cheeks in that 😂

    1. motive designs Avatar
      motive designs

      😂😂😂 bro you let the intrusive thoughts win

  17. Robert Dean Avatar
    Robert Dean

    best race yet!!!

  18. Philippe STRICKLER Avatar
    Philippe STRICKLER

    seen the full video : AMAZING.

  19. Nicholas R Avatar
    Nicholas R

    Absolute phuckn insanity!!!

  20. apekatt2007 Avatar

    Imagine having close to 2k horsepowers, and you can launch it all day long, and all you have to service is tires and window washer fluid 😅 The future is electric

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