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  1. R/D Avatar

    The only problem with cupholders in cars is that I can’t put Fold 3 in some of them

  2. Just a YouTube Commenter Avatar
    Just a YouTube Commenter

    Solid 8/10. Practical, though. And that transition 😋. For a Kia Picanto, that is awesome. More cars should have this for sure.

    1. GodKing804 Avatar

      More like 4/10.

      Only good for 1 size like my shitty bmw

  3. Neyko Neykov Avatar
    Neyko Neykov

    that’s actually quite cool

    1. Andrew Patmore Avatar
      Andrew Patmore

      It looks like Bender.

  4. Κίρκη Avatar

    Honestly it looks really clever as a solution despite its simplicity, as it allows you to choose between having one or two cupholders or a bigger storage space.

    1. taper skater Avatar
      taper skater

      ​@Emre5545 boy wtf😂😂😂😂

    2. ABHAY NAIR S Avatar

      ​@Κίρκη translate it to english

    3. Gigageorge Avatar

      ​@Κίρκη I’m greek, I can translate. “Yeah,but I think its not available in the basic equipment of the cheapest version.” Ur welcome. 🙂

    4. Κίρκη Avatar

      @Gigageorge Thank you!

    5. Pierce Lawless Avatar
      Pierce Lawless

      ​@ABHAY NAIR Stoo much effort considering he originally posted in English and they used another language

  5. Bogdan Olaru Avatar
    Bogdan Olaru

    The VW Passat B6 had that in 2005.

    1. minimadmotorman Avatar

      @Stumer Kaiba 64 mine did.

    2. Ben Garlick Avatar
      Ben Garlick

      But they don’t now as VW can’t even make a interior or a car

    3. Mirco Schwarzer Avatar
      Mirco Schwarzer

      Mine had it too. Was great to switch between phone, moneybags or cans and bottles.

    4. Dankrupt Avatar

      I currently have a 2007 Passat with this

  6. tiadaid Avatar

    The second gen Picanto had it, in 2011.

  7. TheRahewitt Avatar

    Cup holders OR vertical binocular storage. Solutions based thinking 🤔

  8. Veroxzes Avatar

    Would have been more elegant if they were push down like the 2003 Citroën C5 had. In fact the C5 had 3 cup holders… 2 inbetween the seats and a third one to the left of the steering wheel. Or right if you’re in the UK… Inbetween the wheel and driver’s door. Very unusual.

  9. nickwood49 Avatar

    Ten out of nine for that one😂😂

  10. Emmanuel Craig Avatar
    Emmanuel Craig

    Well I’d prefer it being hidden until needed, for instance, the cup holder of my car which is hidden under the ventilation duct near the door is very practical and not intrusive thus giving me lots of space for my center console. But in the spirit of cleverness….very good idea

  11. Fizz Avatar

    Don’t fix what ain’t broken

  12. Dillon Baker Avatar
    Dillon Baker

    My 07 civic does this but it’s more square. It give so much space when I don’t need to use a cup holder. And then when I go it still have heaps of space for a drink, can even fit bigger drink bottles in if I don’t push the button to open the cup holders

  13. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Really clever! It allows you to choose between 2 storage methods!

  14. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Kia makes cool looking, powerful and practical cars!

  15. Olwethu Meyi Avatar
    Olwethu Meyi

    Honestly best looking cup holders ❤❤❤

  16. Bartek B Avatar
    Bartek B

    I am an engineer, I always like to see new solutions for old problems 😊

  17. A Wise tourist Avatar
    A Wise tourist

    One drop of coffee spilt in there and it’s knackered.

  18. Zippy is Washed Avatar
    Zippy is Washed

    And I’m guessing you have to slide it back yourself 😂😂😂😂

  19. afterburn2600 Avatar

    I really like it. Not sure why ASMR applies here but the rapid pop followed by the smooth damping is SATISFYING.

  20. Aref K. Avatar
    Aref K.

    If it works, it’s a good tech

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