Rate this drive selector…

Tesla, what is this?!





33 responses to “Rate this drive selector…”

  1. Jival Roopnarian Avatar
    Jival Roopnarian

    0 out of 10

  2. Inferno King Avatar
    Inferno King

    -10/10 all cars should have a mechanical shifter.

    1. Max TW Avatar
      Max TW

      who said this lol?

    2. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      ​@Max TW Some 9yo kiddie probably…

    3. Chut78 Avatar

      This is useless

  3. Meyer Marzo Avatar
    Meyer Marzo

    That’s a really bad idea to have to feel defeated the gear to feel the button. All you do now is just swiping.

  4. patriotbarrow 🐀 Avatar
    patriotbarrow 🐀

    Horrible. All for saving a few pounds in tooling.

  5. Upek Kasun Akalanka Avatar
    Upek Kasun Akalanka

    – 100000/10😩

  6. Sumukh Avatar

    Votes man. Anything to get them.

  7. oxid alpha Avatar
    oxid alpha

    The best piece in a car is no piece. Saving engineering and money.

  8. Daniel N Glynn Avatar
    Daniel N Glynn

    Use the auto shift feature. Hit the brake and it chooses the correct direction for you then 10 out of 10

  9. Sullen Secret Avatar
    Sullen Secret

    We have too many touch screens already.

  10. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
    Shakeel Zaman

    Imagine the screen breaks, you can’t drive the car lol

    1. Clëo Avatar

      You can

    2. Carlife Avatar

      There’s still a manual gear selector

    3. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
      Shakeel Zaman

      @Carlife oh, where?

  11. Linneboi07 Avatar

    -12 out of 10

  12. J T Avatar
    J T

    For all the people saying what if the screen is broken there is another hidden option just below the wireless charger to put it in D,N,&R.

    1. Palash Bhaumik Avatar
      Palash Bhaumik

      Thanks for the info… I’ll always use that if I ever get a Tesla

    2. J T Avatar
      J T

      @Palash Bhaumik haha ok then just tap the horizontal black bar next to the hazard lights and the letters will appear.

    3. Linkzekiller Avatar

      So convenient 😅

    4. J T Avatar
      J T

      @Linkzekiller in fairness the intended way is crazy convenient. Just swipe up on the screen or even easier let the car choose for you

    5. Henning Avatar

      That’s on the S and X. On the new model 3 it’s a panel in the roof

  13. Youngking Youngking Avatar
    Youngking Youngking

    Wow Tesla has portable mexico filter

  14. Valtteri it's James Avatar
    Valtteri it’s James

    Rubbish. We need physical selectors

  15. Mk210 Avatar

    Straight 0out of 10 because honestly everyone in the world will always reach for a gear selector

    1. Tyrone Wilson Avatar
      Tyrone Wilson

      When I was a valet driver, I got in a car just like this. I couldn’t figure out how to put it in drive at all. I finally went to get one of my co-workers and he figured it out and showed me. So yea, 0-10

    2. roguedogx Avatar

      It is supposed to just be a back up for the AI gear selection which guesses for you, and actually doesn’t suck (to my genuine suprise)

      But I agree this should not be in a screen. The drive selector should be immediate and easy access in an emergency situation. This isn’t.

  16. Lukas Avatar

    I’ll keep my old Toyota suv

  17. N JT Avatar
    N JT

    Tesla be turning driving into a mobile game💀

  18. Mustafa Okur Avatar
    Mustafa Okur

    Fire your shorts guy.

  19. Art Vandelay Avatar
    Art Vandelay

    As a TSLA shareholder I give this 0/10

  20. Asad Mulla Avatar
    Asad Mulla

    Im sure the car parks itself. My car can also but I never use it. Imagine trying to park in a tight spot. Changing gears from forward to reverse to forward swiping the screen every few seconds

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