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  1. Thomas Mason Avatar
    Thomas Mason

    Stupid gimmick, like the whole car…

    1. Tonez Avatar

      Well, that opinion is just silly.

  2. Shenzaro Avatar

    0/10? 😂

  3. Aris1956 Avatar

    Honestly, they could have found a better solution.
    Or maybe it also depends on the person using it.

    1. Happy eclipse supra are overrated• 18y ago Avatar
      Happy eclipse supra are overrated• 18y ago

      The best solution is not buying a Tesla in the first place

    2. Tonez Avatar

      It’s the front left door of the car, you open it with your left hand, not your right. Matt could have found a better solution, but because CarWow doesn’t sell Tesla’s, they have to bash them as much as possible.

      Use your brain.

    3. Pistol Pete Avatar
      Pistol Pete

      Yes……use someone with an ounce of intelligence next time.

  4. Azmodeuz Avatar

    0. And how are the paint on those going to look in say, 5 years?

    1. apekatt2007 Avatar

      Mine are 5 years old, and they still look brand new

    2. Azmodeuz Avatar

      @apekatt2007 that’s great! Do they freeze during winter?

    3. apekatt2007 Avatar

      @Azmodeuz90  It happened some times at the start of my ownership when I didn’t dry it properly after washing the car. A firm bump with the backside of my fist on the handle usually solved it.
      Now I use a micro fiber cloth in and around the handle, and I never had the problem after. Norway climate 😅

    4. Azmodeuz Avatar

      @apekatt2007 haha, I’m a Norwegian as well, that’s why I was wondering 😂

    5. apekatt2007 Avatar

      @Azmodeuz90  My nickname kinda blows my “cover” 😅

  5. CerN Avatar

    They also have a tendency to break when they freeze. My neighbour is on his 3rd handle. They are not cheap outside of warranty.

    1. roguedogx Avatar

      @Filip one other thing I noticed after walking out to my own car to see how I grab a door handle.

      This design only works well if the user is left handed. using the thumb to push the handle out and pull with one motion. If the user right handed your thumb is on the opposite side, unless they are doing an overhanded grab.

      So they made a door handle which is primarily designed for like 5% of the population.

    2. Filip Avatar

      @roguedogx Actually they made it with the RHT market in mind, as the passenger wouldn’t have this problem due to the inverted perspective of the left side door.

    3. Kristian Moe Avatar
      Kristian Moe

      Are you sure that he has change handles on a mOdel 3/y with this design or do your neighbour have a model s/x with electric handles ??

    4. David Lawson Avatar
      David Lawson

      Your neighbour is probably driving a Model S and those handles are notorious for breaking. Very different handles on the Model 3 that don’t have a reputation for breaking.

  6. Rice Quackers Avatar
    Rice Quackers

    This is what happens when a manufacturer prioritises “zomg so kewl” over basic ergonomics. Absolutely no consideration for a passenger who might have limited manual dexterity or some physical disability. What’s wrong with normal door handles that allow you to grab, unlock and open the door with one fluid motion?

    1. tatajelmer Avatar

      @HAVOK _snm have you ever seen the door handles on a Volvo from 2004 or something (S80 for instance)? Easy to use and they’re kinda aerodynamic as well, I don’t understand why they stopped making them like that. Look way cooler than the current door handles they have but there’s probably a reason why they don’t use them anymore. Still way better than what Tesla offers

    2. Alex Avatar

      @Jorge Chavez erm, you do realise teslas have one of the quickest 0-60s out of any family car, right? It’s literally instant torque. Yes, the door handles are dumb, but don’t ignore facts because you’re against electric cars.

    3. S8ER01Z Avatar

      @Alex not all teslas are plaid

    4. Alex Avatar

      @S8ER01Z it doesn’t matter, most teslas are really fast considering their weight.

  7. Troy W Avatar
    Troy W

    I give it a 0 for functionality. 🤔

  8. Ilsor Affatsum Avatar
    Ilsor Affatsum

    It’s made that complex to justify the price tag

  9. MR STINKY Avatar

    It’s super easy. Just trying to make it look hard.

  10. apontel Avatar

    Infomercial level acting

  11. Chris Hall Avatar
    Chris Hall

    I’m sure iv seen those on a fridge door, and that was also electric

  12. Nick Firth Avatar
    Nick Firth

    That’s not really the only problem, is it..?

    1. Tonez Avatar

      Name the problems you think Tesla’s have.

  13. Peter Schulz Avatar
    Peter Schulz

    Perfekt, but hard to find when its dark😊

  14. BananaWorm Avatar

    Use your left hand..

  15. dustgr Avatar

    Love the handles

  16. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    I think they can do something more than this! They can add a sensor to pop that handle out or to open the door automatically! That’s what a cool EV should have!

    1. Pistol Pete Avatar
      Pistol Pete

      There is literally a button on the app. You press it and the door pops open.

  17. Richard Bailey Avatar
    Richard Bailey

    Put the camera down then, doh 😂

  18. apekatt2007 Avatar

    I’ve used this style of handles for 5 years with no issues at all. You will struggle to open any type of door if you intentionally use it wrong – Obviously.

    The haters in here will probably deny that Nissan GTR’s, Range Rovers, Aston Martins, and McLarens use the same type of door handles

  19. joenrs Avatar

    That’s one thing I would change

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