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26 responses to “Rate these car features out of 10!”

  1. Yuri Avatar

    Where are there thirst traps!! We just want to watch Mat do his thing

  2. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow day 303

  3. Ajay Singh Grewal Avatar
    Ajay Singh Grewal

    i want to grab some handles

  4. Cnr Endry Avatar
    Cnr Endry

    Mitsubishi Mirage : Finally a worthy oponent.

  5. Hooch Avatar

    would be great to see the cybertruck

  6. Wil Taylor Avatar
    Wil Taylor

    Carwow is legit the successor to top gear

    1. TJ Avatar

      Not even close.

    2. Kevin van den Berg Avatar
      Kevin van den Berg

      @TJwell I don’t think any program is gonna be on a top gear level any time soon, so you should see this as the closest that’s available at the moment

    3. Igotta Cunning-Plan Avatar
      Igotta Cunning-Plan

      ​@Kevin van den BergBut it isn’t. The closest thing on YouTube is Throttle House.

    4. Embroiled Alive Avatar
      Embroiled Alive

      ​@Igotta Cunning-PlanThrottle House all the way.

    5. NHC Avatar

      Mat makes better videos than top gear

  7. J M YT Avatar
    J M YT

    He is a *very serious* car reviewer

    1. Martina Pauline Avatar
      Martina Pauline

      Very serious, you are correct 😂

  8. Lee Vardy Avatar
    Lee Vardy

    Serious reviewer?! Matt is the only reviewer!

  9. Martin Bubenheimer Avatar
    Martin Bubenheimer

    Pretending people would buy these cars for rational reasons 😂 They buy them because of emotion!

  10. Mttmnk1k19 rty Avatar
    Mttmnk1k19 rty

    He is the funniest and the most detailed to watch

  11. Phenyl Avatar

    I always love how Matt mentions he’s average!

  12. Caleer Avatar

    Well its a real person reviews, like how we really are going to use it.

  13. omar alajmi Avatar
    omar alajmi

    He’s serious i like that , as for the 1st instance atleast… The SUV he jumped forward onto the back-up space , its not the ideal move to hop-onto that rear space.

    The correct way is to reverse-hop onto that back empty space , just like any other pick-up truck etc by hopping backwards or just leaning upwards using both forearms and standing up-right the legit easier way…. Since hopping on your stomach is not ideal specialy for older grown-ups and/or old people overall. 👍🏼

  14. £0RD Avatar

    Matt need to be tall to step on the vehicle. 😂😂 call Yanni.

  15. Kunashe Avatar

    Grab handles? That’s a minus for your right there

  16. SweetJimi Avatar

    Does a wacky waving inflatable impression, insists he isn’t having fun.

  17. Sebastian Stefan Avatar
    Sebastian Stefan

    On a global scale, the average height of men is around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm), while the average height of women is around 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).Dec 26, 2022.
    So you are not so average! 😉

  18. josh malcolm Avatar
    josh malcolm

    He is the best car reviewer in the game

  19. Harshdeep Singh Avatar
    Harshdeep Singh

    He is my idol😂

  20. NHC Avatar

    He is. I consider him the best till now based of all i have seen

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