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  1. Tony Manuel Avatar
    Tony Manuel

    All the bots have the notification on it seems

  2. Yami Ali Avatar
    Yami Ali

    Looks like the Germans have sent their bots after you. They are not fans of the Skoda apparently

    1. Baumaschine007  Avatar

      Oh god they even took over english channels now tf is going on

  3. NDAutomotive Avatar

    Pretty solid compared to its moder counterparts.

  4. Chueng Thangluai Avatar
    Chueng Thangluai

    It’s hard to rate matt, we just can feel your touch nor your fingers dude 😅

    1. jinx20001 Avatar

      it isnt matt.

    2. ERV Avatar

      Matt has slimmer fingers and manicured nails

    3. jinx20001 Avatar

      @ERV and a slimmer face lol sorry mr video guy.

    4. Jacob Vanderhooft Avatar
      Jacob Vanderhooft

      His name is Mat not Matt

    5. jinx20001 Avatar

      @Jacob Vanderhooft well acktually its matthew watson – chief content officer at carwow – according to his linkedin profile… if were going to be specific. But you are right he shortens it as mat, but since his name is spelt matthew and not mathew (both are spellings of the name) we should have a word with him and tell him to stop shortening it to mat when its not spelt mathew and instead shorten it to matt because his name uses two T’s.

      Either way, it wasnt mat, matt, mathew or… matthew.

  5. Tut tuts Avatar
    Tut tuts

    Ridiculous how pricey Skoda has become

  6. T-Bag Avatar

    Better then american so called vehicles.

  7. Thekommex Avatar

    Bruh the rooflining is hanging down

  8. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
    Shakeel Zaman

    That screen needs more support

  9. Isaac Jackson Avatar
    Isaac Jackson

    The Archers straight on after putting the phone down

  10. brunooooooos Avatar

    Even my pretty base 116i e87 has a much better quality than this. Are all modern cars like that?

  11. CPhil Avatar

    Damn I thought Americans had bad built cars this gets a -10

    1. Taylor Ward Avatar
      Taylor Ward


    2. Taylor Ward Avatar
      Taylor Ward

      @CPhil what

  12. Matt B Avatar
    Matt B

    We need an updated production cost of vehicle to MSRP price discussion. I don’t want to just read some BS about how the car is about $10k to build, and all of the upscaled and luxury amenities are then tacked on and paid for by the customer making it a $100k vehicle (Escalade or Navigator).

  13. spk8989pl Avatar

    I’ve leased BMW 330i 2023. Perfect quality.

    1. Santana Avatar

      Amazing quality. Much better than my Mercedes CLS. Bought a 330i a week after the cls was stolen and despite being in the class below it’s night and day difference

    2. Leon Avatar

      @Santanain germany we say: geschichten aus dem paulaner garten

    3. jogaplayer640 Avatar

      of course a 2023 car has perfect quality, it’s brand new. the flaws show up over time

  14. The Red Celica Avatar
    The Red Celica

    Yeees! Exactly how I check every new car to see their quality 😆 nobody needs to see the engine or outside of the car, you only sit in the drivers seat anyway 😆🤷🏼‍♂️

  15. N. Ademi Avatar
    N. Ademi

    Since it is electric 0 of 10

  16. logiclee Avatar

    About the same as an ID4. VAG brands have been going down hill since the introduction of the MQB platform. The last solid Skoda we had was a Yeti and we’ve had 15 Skoda’s.

  17. šrrk Avatar

    Škoda made good cars, until VW forced them to fall in line with the rest and create SUVs and discontinue hwtchbacks 😢

  18. PheonixFury Avatar

    Volkswagen watching these “thats top quality”

  19. Siriasis Official Avatar
    Siriasis Official

    Who buys Skoda when you have VW

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