Range Rover’s tech game is πŸ”₯






27 responses to “Range Rover’s tech game is πŸ”₯”

  1. im dumb Avatar
    im dumb

    my pocket says no

  2. Martin Svensson Avatar
    Martin Svensson

    As long as there still is an actual functioning mirror there when all this breaks..

    1. Joel J Avatar
      Joel J


  3. Seattle EUC Avatar
    Seattle EUC

    When it comes to range rovers, the less stuff the better.

  4. Ken Crowley Avatar
    Ken Crowley

    Idea do focus st generation drag race

  5. Matt Avatar

    You’re not gonna need to know what’s behind you on the hard shoulder

    1. Chris C Avatar
      Chris C

      No, but it helps you look out for the recovery service

  6. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Range Rover keeps improving their tech! This video proves that!

  7. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Definitely every car and SUV need one of that!

    1. Rasher basher Avatar
      Rasher basher

      Stop quoting everything in a carwow video bot.

  8. K6GSXRider Avatar

    GM has had this forever. Not sure what’s so special about Range Rover doing it

    1. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      This is just a video by carwow to earn views, by now this is basically on every car as an option.

    2. NickZ Avatar

      ​@DontKnowWhytell me you know nothing about car without telling me you know nothing about cars

    3. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      @NickZ ?

    4. Adil Seydametov Avatar
      Adil Seydametov

      ​@NickZ lol, true

  9. MK REECE LFC Avatar

    Most vans are fitted with a camera for the rear view mirror. It helps as you don’t have rear windows to see if there anything in your blindspot. They have been around on vans for quiet a few months now

  10. SE Avatar

    GM cars have had this for like a decade

  11. Yiannis Hayabusa Avatar
    Yiannis Hayabusa

    AWESOME SUPERB ! ! ! ! !

  12. M MF Avatar
    M MF

    The camaro 2ss and zl1 has this. Great to have lol

  13. Parth Sahu Avatar
    Parth Sahu

    It’s parent company TATA is using the rear view camera of its cars as rear view mirror aswell since 4 years though. Tata nexon has it.

  14. Rob Stallwood Avatar
    Rob Stallwood

    I guess its good to see the breakdown lorry coming to tow you to garage πŸ˜…

  15. Ric Ky Avatar
    Ric Ky

    I personally don’t find the second aerial annoying, in fact it gives the Range a distinctive ‘shark fin coming at you’ look.

  16. Edward straka Avatar
    Edward straka

    To clear image in rear view camera? Select reverse gear and depress pedal for 2seconds then press the break pedal and hold. Tadar clear image

  17. Jeep Dav Avatar
    Jeep Dav

    That’s a gud 1 Mat

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    Range Rover has this feature since 2019

  19. Michael Vuong Avatar
    Michael Vuong

    Rang rover should start having roadside assistance as standard

  20. udeshwar singh sandhu Avatar
    udeshwar singh sandhu

    but we have backup cameras on every car ever made after 2010

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