Range Rover: 1 Minute Review!

Thanks to @GVELondon for providing us the vehicle for this video!






30 responses to “Range Rover: 1 Minute Review!”

  1. Paula Winter Avatar
    Paula Winter

    Tolles Video – weiter so!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. Rob Waters Avatar
    Rob Waters

    Good luck getting parts when (not if) it breaks down. Getting the car isn’t the problem, it’s being able to drive it.

    1. Kovy E Avatar
      Kovy E


  3. vindev Avatar

    Nice looking vehicle

  4. Lukas Avatar

    Make sure you sell it before it hits 50,000 miles too LOL

  5. GTFO Avatar

    it’s also mechanic’s best friend πŸ’€

    1. Cole Cornett Avatar
      Cole Cornett

      Best friend or worst nightmare?

    2. Top Gear Clips Central Avatar
      Top Gear Clips Central

      @Cole Cornettboth πŸ˜‚

    3. Kamal Abasguliyev Avatar
      Kamal Abasguliyev

      Not these new models

    4. HyperSlash Avatar

      @Cole CornettπŸ’€

  6. VISCOU$ Avatar

    I have a range rover and it’s like no other car, I bet that any range rover hater would change their mind once they step in one.

    1. Josh Avatar

      most range rover haters havent driven one

    2. J G Avatar
      J G

      ​@JoshI’ve driven plenty at auto shows and had a buddy who had a 2016. Love the way they ride, but will never get one. A new one at the LA show had the heated seats broken. And another had the CEL on the whole time I drove it around. πŸ’€

    3. VISCOU$ Avatar

      @AkΔ±n Emre which one you drove

  7. Avery: not just a pretty face Avatar
    Avery: not just a pretty face

    Your consistent growth and innovation earn you mad respect from your audience

  8. ImaEatChicken Avatar

    Mechanics love this vehicle

    Because the suspension breaks down every two seconds, Classic range rover

    1. Alex Avatar

      My girlfriend bought a Range Rover 3 years ago. It had 18k miles on the clock and looked brand spanking new. Within a year she needed a new battery, reversing camera, front windshield resealed, brake discs, and finally the suspension lmao. Other than that it’s a great car lmao

    2. Reskay Avatar

      @Alex maybe because she didnt care about her car? Some issues dont appear from nowhere))

  9. Luke Surtees Avatar
    Luke Surtees

    Enjoy the insurance quote. Easiest car to steal

  10. Lowcar highspeed Avatar
    Lowcar highspeed

    I love range rovers

  11. TheAutomotiveChannel Avatar

    Does the ranger rover really have reliability issues, I heard the brand is one of the most unreliable πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Julian Young Avatar
    Julian Young

    Within these 60 seconds, it lost 5% of its value.

    1. Zain Avatar

      u clearly know nothing bout the new range rovers, they’re so desirable that if u get one for mrsp, u can sell it for 10-20k+ what u paid for it

  13. Must Try Harder Avatar
    Must Try Harder

    1 point missing for its parts which you will never find

  14. Gaz85 Avatar

    Anyone can buy one, very few can afford one

  15. NEC Avatar

    Best selling car in Japan πŸ—Ύ

  16. MeFreeBee Avatar

    Have to review in 60 seconds cos that’s how long you’ve got before it gets stolen.

  17. atri banerjee Avatar
    atri banerjee

    Love the car, however the amount of range rovers getting stolen around is ridiculous. Some insurers have stopped insuring it

  18. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    Yes another 1 minute short review. Thank you Carwow. Awesome work. Looking forward to what other reviews you have got going. Love how it is separate to the actual review. You should also link the full review in the short as well. Thank you πŸ‘

  19. Brandon Pittman Avatar
    Brandon Pittman

    Show us one with 300k kilometers

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