Problems with the Aston Martin Valkyrie…






22 responses to “Problems with the Aston Martin Valkyrie…”

  1. @AnnMason Avatar

    It’s incredible and I think they deserve a lot more
    🌺🌺 4

  2. @Bowowey Avatar

    This is epic 👍😁

  3. @MrHushCrush Avatar

    Thanks for the video. I guess this proves that Toyota Corolla is a better option for 7 feet tall me.

  4. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    I think they designed the car for a child or Mat Watson is a Lizzo 😂

  5. @TheAlexmallinson Avatar

    I was about to buy one but I’m glad I saw this video and saw how bad this car is. My civic with VTEC is faster anyway

  6. @21sled Avatar

    “Fernando Alondo” 😭😂

  7. @user-xk4jx1xl7f Avatar

    The only problem with the Aston Martin Valkyrie…………is paying for one. 😂

  8. @itisallaboutspeed Avatar

    as a car content creator i approve this video

  9. @dingus9 Avatar


  10. @nabz5538 Avatar

    Matt never fails to exaggerate

  11. @nonametooxiiic449 Avatar

    How many years ago did you guys upload the entire Video? 😂

  12. @ashokeb Avatar

    “Problems with Mat Watson…”

  13. @Aquajoda Avatar

    Feel like he’s slowly getting more and more annoying

    1. @undergrounder5422 Avatar


    2. @Aquajoda Avatar

      @@undergrounder5422 he just over does it sometimes. It’s funny but it gets old in my opinion

  14. @danmar007 Avatar

    😂 You would have to be pretty intimate with your date to get her in the passenger seat.

  15. @YTBKd Avatar

    So that’s why it doesn’t have mirrors on the side!

  16. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

    We need a Hyundai Getz sx on this channel day 372

  17. @mad-dog_gamer Avatar


  18. @dangergamez Avatar

    Fernando Alonso from Temu😂😂

  19. @jonosono Avatar

    Re-uploading this short again? Why?

  20. @EV_car_reviews Avatar

    Matt, you look like a race car driver 😂😂😂!!!

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