POV: You’re a Brit driving an American car for the first time






34 responses to “POV: You’re a Brit driving an American car for the first time”

  1. Bella Gilmore Avatar
    Bella Gilmore

    Incredibly bombastic video🥞🤹💶

  2. Anna Jenningson Avatar
    Anna Jenningson

    Nehmen wir uns nur einen Moment Zeit, um zu würdigen, wie viele Stunden und Arbeit sie in dieses Video gesteckt hat?
    😉 @ 🗽

  3. Maya Waltz Avatar
    Maya Waltz

    Es ist eine große Freude, Zeit mit Ihnen zu verbringen, vielen Dank dafür!👊👊👊

  4. Tom England Avatar
    Tom England

    My first and only car I’ve driven in America was a Suburban! It was incredible, so big, so comfortable. I guess it’s all relative as their roads are massive and everything is in proportion to that

    1. Imapersonin personifacation Avatar
      Imapersonin personifacation

      My mom has a bit smaller car than a suburban and it is still small for my family I drive a truck that is larger than a suburban but I actually need it because I tow a lot

  5. Deleted. Avatar

    Damn nice car though.

  6. Aloniab Asmerom Avatar
    Aloniab Asmerom

    The “hUuUhHhH” really got me at the end 😂😂

  7. Jørgen Avatar

    I am a Norwegian and we have left hand steering wheels just like the rest of the world. When I was fifteen, I traveled to the UK for the first time, and when the boat arrived in Newcastle, I got into the front passenger seat of the car that was picking us up. It took me a good second to realize I was in the driver seat lol

    1. Pete Avatar

      I’m a Swede and have been in Scotland for 20 years and every now and then, I still walk up to the car as if I was driving in Sweden, then when I open the door I’m realising the steering wheel is to the right and I’m suddenly a passenger. 😂

    2. Macron87 Avatar

      There are quite a few countries that have their steering wheels on the right

  8. Rad Dad Avatar
    Rad Dad

    That’s what *Freedom* looks like.

    1. K61r Avatar

      Freedom from the steering wheel

    2. Rad Dad Avatar
      Rad Dad

      @T-Baglol, you’re liking your own comment 😂. I only know that because your comment is greyed out which means it’s hidden from view of others. 🤡

    3. Grimey Avatar

      ​@Rad Dadit’s not hidden from me and I liked it

    4. Rad Dad Avatar
      Rad Dad

      @Grimeyno you didn’t and no you can’t. 😂

  9. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    Mat Watson is hilarious 😂 and yet I love him ❤

  10. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    #Merc thing 😂

  11. Paul Parkinson Avatar
    Paul Parkinson

    WELL. That was 18 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

    1. canihave1dab Avatar

      I’m sure you’ve been really frugal with your time so far

    2. Macron87 Avatar

      Commenting isn’t going to help

  12. countryside_guy Avatar

    Nah, I went to the states years ago and got in the correct side without really thinking.

  13. tronix19 Avatar

    I think left driving is the normal standard anyways

    1. Macron87 Avatar

      That’s your choice. Wrong.

  14. It’s just davey Avatar
    It’s just davey

    I’ve drove American cars for the last 20 years.. current one has 7.2 v10… I get 8 miles to the gallon 😂

    1. PatLadsChan99 Avatar

      Do you have to skip meals to pay for fuel?

    2. It’s just davey Avatar
      It’s just davey

      @PatLadsChan99 🤣 no it’s a works vehicle so I floor it every time I drive 👊🏻

    3. PatLadsChan99 Avatar

      @It’s just davey must be nice 🤣

    4. It’s just davey Avatar
      It’s just davey

      @PatLadsChan99 it would be if it weren’t for all the drunk women in the back 🙈🤣 I should of mentioned I drive limos 🤫👍

  15. Seb. Avatar

    the UK and some of their colonies are the only countries with that unique right drive issue. only possible due to the fact its an Island.

  16. Przebrzydły Kaban Avatar
    Przebrzydły Kaban

    So it’s the “haha” funny one…

  17. Mohammad Almasalmeh Avatar
    Mohammad Almasalmeh

    Same impression I give when I see a left hand drive car

  18. Zepsuj To Sam Avatar
    Zepsuj To Sam

    Who directs this mischief? Mat is that you lad? I hope that’s you because these shorts are dope AF 😂

    1. Macron87 Avatar

      I really doubt it has anything to do with him

  19. Arnold Avatar

    Went to Malaysia 🇲🇾, Kuala Lumpur airport.. got into Driver seat of the Taxi we hired…freaked the driver out pretty good.. he thought we were stealing his car 🤣

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