POV: You own a soft top & live in Britain…






26 responses to “POV: You own a soft top & live in Britain…”

  1. H Avatar

    Someone fire the shorts guy already 💀

  2. Heisenberg Avatar

    “Pov: you live in Britain” a true nightmare

    1. Sufian Shahid Avatar
      Sufian Shahid

      I have a true mightmare it means😢😢😢

  3. GTFO Avatar

    i can here ur accent from miles 😆🤣

  4. Aris1956 Avatar

    Evidently the British love rain so much that they don’t even close the roof when it rains.

  5. Paul Avatar

    Already seen convertible man in his mg cruising 🛳 down the road in the pi££ing down rain 🌧 😂😂

  6. Chris Mckay Avatar
    Chris Mckay

    So? What’s the point of this? Should be titled “Some guy opens the roof when not sunny.”

  7. NR XD Avatar
    NR XD

    Goofy ahh song matches with the theme of the video 😂

    1. Snake Eyes Avatar
      Snake Eyes

      There is an impostor among us.

  8. Spice Melange Avatar
    Spice Melange

    Why does anywhere in Europe always look so bleak and depressing

    1. 24k Avatar

      You clearly have NOT travelled much.

  9. Cesar Suarez Avatar
    Cesar Suarez

    something worse than buying a convertible in England?

    1. Affan Mushtaq Avatar
      Affan Mushtaq

      it rains a lot there

    2. Magic_fp Avatar

      Living there xd Of course joke

  10. jcn01 Avatar

    What is that background audio😂

    1. GuiG Avatar

      Among Us music remix

  11. Paul Avatar

    Mat sat in car looking like he’s never seen rain 🌧 before 😂😂😂

  12. Lee Smales Avatar
    Lee Smales

    I live in Australia and wouldn’t own a soft top because my head would burn!? Very few places where it is a good idea.


    It’s crazy how much car content comes from the place on earth with the worst weather for it.

  14. Aspie Geek Avatar
    Aspie Geek

    And what’s wrong with this, I’ve already had my SLK top down several times this year, the point of a convertible in the UK for those questioning it is for the feeling of freedom you get with the wind in yr hair. If it’s too cold, turn yr heating up, if it’s too hot wear a baseball cap and put yr aircon on. Once temps hit 17°C the roof is coming down (unless it’s really raining heavy). My SLK is only a summer car to be fair so only does about 2½k miles a year 😁
    PS. Those of you that don’t live in the UK don’t believe every thing unhear about our weather, it doesn’t rain all the time like you are told 😉

  15. The Hutch Avatar
    The Hutch

    “I’m a daft Brit, watch this!”

  16. Pholsak SaeTeng Avatar
    Pholsak SaeTeng

    If you can’t stop it then embrace it.

  17. Ali Şencan Avatar
    Ali Şencan

    When in the car, you fall in love with ur girl then you need to prove this.. 😅

  18. Lo ranger Avatar
    Lo ranger

    This is the same as British people not using umbrellas when it’s raining.

  19. Lubz M. Avatar
    Lubz M.

    Never has a channel needed a better shorts guy than this one. It’s so off base from the main channel that it’s like whomever is in charge here has no idea the main channel even exists, let alone know what the air about is.

    I say call him in, lock the door and hit in the face with a shovel. I’ll be the alibi.

  20. Dillon Dee Avatar
    Dillon Dee

    Really love this feature I wish all Toyotas had sunroofs/panroofs ☝🏽

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