POV: The mechanic hands you the service bill for your Mercedes






29 responses to “POV: The mechanic hands you the service bill for your Mercedes”

  1. Anna Hicko Avatar
    Anna Hicko

    Danke für deine Videos
    👁 3 🟤

  2. Monica Mooneyko Avatar
    Monica Mooneyko

    Danke für den täglichen content
    🐼 ( 🔺

  3. Diana Griffin Avatar
    Diana Griffin

    Great content I always watch your videos🦓🍋✊

  4. Jason Smith Avatar
    Jason Smith

    Grocery bill….

  5. Hanics Avatar

    In Germany we say: “Nichts ist teurer als ein günstiger Benz.”

    1. Chris Smith Avatar
      Chris Smith

      In the UK we say if you can’t afford a new one, you definitely can’t afford a secondhand one

    2. 1980’VINZ Avatar

      @Chris SmithHaha good one 😄

  6. iTygo Avatar

    Why is every comment a but?😂

  7. Jørgen Avatar

    The maintenance and repair bill for a ten year old Audi Q7 will make you sleepless for days

    1. Nigel Campbell Avatar
      Nigel Campbell

      Months more like lol 😂

  8. Mr Starbuck Avatar
    Mr Starbuck

    I don’t think Mercedes service bill is that expensive.
    There is a reason why people in Africa loves used Mercedes cars.

    1. oriri ona Avatar
      oriri ona

      Stop assuming have you lived in Africa I’ve seen more G wagons in Nigeria than I’ve seen in the rest of the world they even have a G63 club only G63 owners there’s a guy who buys S classes by the dozen every time a new S class comes out and gives the old ones to his managers and workers for free the bill is way more expensive that the west and the Mercedes Benz vehicles cost way more in Africa. Another reason there’s a lot of Mercedes in Africa the dealerships are not stealerships like the west.

    2. Donovan Chilton Avatar
      Donovan Chilton

      @oriri onayou say all that assuming they’re good vehicles and not a status symbol. 😂

    3. oriri ona Avatar
      oriri ona

      @Donovan Chilton your comment represents a status symbol indicating they buy used in Africa where in the world don’t people buy a used Mercedes Benz you’re here thinking the bill is not expensive and people in Africa own dozens in Africa always try to get your facts straight before assuming and posting a comment have a good day sir.

  9. 𝐁𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐲™️ (Plutonium) Avatar
    𝐁𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐲™️ (Plutonium)

    Jesus Christ YouTube need to do something about these bots.

  10. Mohammad foad Tavakoli Avatar
    Mohammad foad Tavakoli

    Just report the bots guys

    1. riba2233 Avatar

      Doesn’t help unfortunately

    2. Gourab Das Avatar
      Gourab Das

      They outnumbered actual humans in the comments lmao

  11. Aviation_Exeter Avatar

    So true my 2021 car has had 3 breakdowns this year

    1. Matthew Burkholder Avatar
      Matthew Burkholder

      My 2003 buick sprung a fuel leak on the fuel rail and still drove me home so i could put a new o ring in it myself in about 20 min😂😂

      And that is the only “breakdown” this year

  12. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow 324

  13. Michael Hoehne Avatar
    Michael Hoehne

    I never had a breakdown with any of my 12 Hondas in 30 Years….

    1. Robert Mändl Avatar
      Robert Mändl

      …. they don´t have time to break down if you switch them out that often ^^

  14. Chris Z Avatar
    Chris Z

    I know this first hand, but as I always say, “You have to pay to play.”

  15. maerklin29800 Avatar

    Meanwhile at Tesla: 0
    Because there is no required service😂

    1. Thomas Mason Avatar
      Thomas Mason

      Not when the battery gets damaged…

    2. maerklin29800 Avatar

      @Thomas Mason why would the battery get damaged?
      This is not normal 😂

    3. Doge The Dog Avatar
      Doge The Dog

      Just look up “tesla battery damaged by rain”

  16. Dan Wood Avatar
    Dan Wood

    Gald I just bought a new Merc lol

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