Porsche Spyder RS – How to drop the roof in 60 seconds 👌 #shorts #spyderrs #petrolped






20 responses to “Porsche Spyder RS – How to drop the roof in 60 seconds 👌 #shorts #spyderrs #petrolped”

  1. @Millicent_Clapton Avatar

    I love your videos and want you to keep doing them🥭🥭

  2. @timmo3351 Avatar

    Think the bots have arrived in the comments!

  3. @rentrentrentlettings4178 Avatar

    You’ve been practicing, well done Ped 💪🤣🤣

  4. @marvinsamuels1237 Avatar

    Nicely done Ped, although I’d hate to be doing the reverse in a sudden downpour 😬

  5. @grantharris7741 Avatar

    That’s a lot of faff and definitely the reason I won’t be buying this car.. Nothing to do with the price tag 👀

  6. @phil4825 Avatar

    I have had 3 birthdays before you finished taking roof down

  7. @nssimpson Avatar

    Not “off of” please.

  8. @kvirk7583 Avatar

    wow where going bk too the early years where no electric roofs let me guess they charge you more for that option

  9. @mrgrumpy771 Avatar

    need a degree in Origami!

  10. @friendlynerd599 Avatar

    I’m probably going to get a Mercedes that does it for me 😭 but that’s a very cool video. But also Porsche’s the target market for this are people who didn’t read the brochure fully.

  11. @patwainwright9222 Avatar

    Couldn’t be doing with all that.

  12. @vadimarsenie9182 Avatar

    you better pray its not going to rain

  13. @user-xw2ds8so5x Avatar

    Can i pay 30k more and its automatic?

  14. @Peter-Alexander Avatar

    For such an expensive car that is pretty rediculous, right?

    1. @duba5938 Avatar

      Weight reduction

  15. @LoopDaHoop Avatar

    The only car where you need more time than money!

  16. @chrisnoskillsexperienceday9421 Avatar

    I could take the roof off my non convertible quicker with a can opener

  17. @arronthompson9235 Avatar

    Thanks for letting me know how to do that! Shame I don’t have the car though

  18. @simon8864 Avatar

    That’s not over engineered at all 😂
    I didn’t think any convertibles were this complicated in the last 20 years!

  19. @koisrus Avatar

    Wow that’s such a bad design. Imagine putting that back on. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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