Official proof that times have changed… 😢






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  1. yeetus Avatar

    Maybe if the driver didnt have the reaction time of a sloth 🤣

    1. VaunT Avatar

      Jimmy won a Britcar championship and is a seasoned racing driver. This “sloth” is capable of much more than you will ever dream to be.

    2. Im26c4u Avatar

      That’s a bit harsh don’t you think…

    3. D C Avatar
      D C

      ​@Im26c4uno it isn’t.

  2. abbazabba58 Avatar

    Pls, no punterino Jimmer

  3. TripleNppl Avatar

    Sad to see that people, who dedicated their time to create the most perfect version of a car get out done by electric motors. The easiest motors to build…

    1. D C Avatar
      D C

      Best solutions are often the simplest. 😅
      Occam’s razor

    2. Cachor Avatar

      @D C Well said. Merit and time spent don’t feed people.

    3. J T Avatar
      J T

      @Cachoris does for those engineers who racked up those billable hours 😂

    4. majkoce Avatar

      the motor is maybe the simplest, but the electronic speed controller is not

    5. Frost Edge - TV Avatar
      Frost Edge – TV

      Engine diff

  4. Atharva Pandhare Avatar
    Atharva Pandhare

    Pls someone talk about gyllardo

  5. Aiden Erickson Avatar
    Aiden Erickson


  6. Cyber Kitsune Avatar
    Cyber Kitsune

    I think this is great because this EV trends make enthusiasts value cars with internal combustion engine even more. EVs might be more efficient but the feeling of driving a car is incomparable.

    1. Daniel Ainger Avatar
      Daniel Ainger

      Not even more efficient

    2. Eric Wadge Avatar
      Eric Wadge

      @Daniel Aingeran electric motor is far more efficient (somewhere between 90% and 95% efficient) at turning electric energy into forward motion compared to an internal combustion engine which would be lucky to be 35% efficient.

    3. Eric Wadge Avatar
      Eric Wadge

      The internal combustion engine is a marvel of engineering. It will be to cars what automatic movements in watches are to time keeping. Most people today use their phones or quartz watches to keep time but there are enthusiasts who want an automatic watch.

  7. Falloutman216 Avatar

    And yet I’d still take the GTR or the Gallardo in a heartbeat over the MG. Those cars have souls, they have purpose, they’re a joy to look at and will put a huge smile on your face as you drive them. The MG shows how corporate and meaningless speed has become, the MG might be faster (in a straight line), but at the end of the day, it’s still an MG.

    1. Batu Han Avatar
      Batu Han

      Soul…doesn’t matter electric or not that MG beat those super-cars😮 is kinda crazzyyyyy

    2. FestusPunky Avatar

      The ice car makers, mechanics worldwide and the oil industry thank you for your patronage.

    3. RacingAnt Avatar

      Imagine what happens when the people that created the GT-R get round to making an electric version…

    4. Real Joshua Avatar
      Real Joshua

      @RacingAntthey’re a little late. The gtr has been revised and perfected over 30 years. A fresh start would be interesting

  8. Bruce  Avatar

    If you watch the full video the GTR wins when he has a good launch

  9. FMS GianDAzz Avatar
    FMS GianDAzz

    Gallardo is still the best ❤

  10. D C Avatar
    D C

    Will never understand the hate for EVs. It’s kind of analogous to CGI and Practical effects.
    People will always say practical effects are better no matter how crap they look.

    1. Andy Koenigsdorf Avatar
      Andy Koenigsdorf

      practical effects? In conjunction with mentioning “CGI” do you mean particle effects?

    2. nivi billa Avatar
      nivi billa

      No he means practical effects. Like how Christopher Nolan made an actual explosion for Oppenheimer instead of using CGI

    3. Andy Koenigsdorf Avatar
      Andy Koenigsdorf

      @nivi billa oh, ok. Thanks. Didn’t run into that meaning for practical, would have expected physical instead. Probably due to not being a native English speaker.

    4. blue ig Avatar
      blue ig

      Not all practical effects look good, but then there are some, for say Christopher Nolan’s practical effects, the don’t look better than big blockbuster vfx?

    5. ArentTjao Avatar

      you would never understand since you’re not a car guy

  11. da_meme_guy Avatar

    As a Nissan fan boy I can confirm that this hits harder than my mom’s belt

    1. weeeeeee Avatar

      Ah yes. The broom.

    2. Amit Patel Avatar
      Amit Patel

      Also the chapati roller

  12. Tommaso l Avatar
    Tommaso l

    Electric motors are all the same. They have no soul

  13. abdu2s Avatar

    Sad times we live in..😂

  14. Cavedog Avatar

    Times changed when the GT-R went from a beautiful sounding driver’s car with a manual transmission to a boat with the worst sounding V6 on the planet and AT only. Now Lamborghini getting rid of the V10, that is a real shame.

    1. Web guy Avatar
      Web guy

      Mercedes and GM with their idiotic 4 cylinder turbo engines

    2. Jonathan Smith Avatar
      Jonathan Smith

      ​@Web guyall manufacturers have I4 engines, why single out Mercedes and GM?

    3. Deez Hutts Avatar
      Deez Hutts

      @Jonathan SmithThey probably said Mercedes after they ruined the C63 AMG and gave it an I4.

  15. Ben Avatar

    2009 GTR vs a brand new car with latest tec and does not have to worry about gears to change or any type of turbo lag. What did you expect ?

  16. Noel Žužić Avatar
    Noel Žužić

    Times might change but idl’d take gtr over ANY electric car, anytime every time

  17. Holonyaa Avatar

    Still would have the GT-R.

  18. burgerman Avatar

    Why do they have to make a lot of electric cars look so ugly? The only one that looks nice that I can think of off the top of my head is the Rimac Nevera.

  19. Jonathan Smith Avatar
    Jonathan Smith

    Drag racing is the lowest form of racing.
    In a real race, the only time you start from 0 is after a pit stop

  20. VLdose Avatar

    This is the start of the end of Supercars. With more cheep cars like this becoming faster than Supercars, soon no one will be buying Supercars because all people care about nowadays is speed. 😢

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