Naked Nissan GT-R 🔥 #shorts #petrolped #nissan #nissangtr






3 responses to “Naked Nissan GT-R 🔥 #shorts #petrolped #nissan #nissangtr”

  1. @mdzaini5903 Avatar

    Masuk enjin kat Nissan navara baru gempaq

  2. @JustWilson Avatar

    That’s a work of art indeed.. 😍 it’d be great if they did that for the other GT-R generations so you could compare the tech advances, I remember hearing the R34 was a big leap in terms of modernisation from the 33?

  3. @leomux2004 Avatar

    I might be a critical of the Nissan GT-R in its current situation, but ome thing absolutely no one can critique: the powertrain of this car was awesome for its time!

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