My Honest Opinion of Tesla ! #shorts #petrolped #tesla #teslamodely






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  1. EvilestGem Avatar

    Love the honesty, esp the brand loyalty part. Baffling that people will continue to stick with poor quality that hides behind a prestigious brand, mad some people can be such snobs. Rather sad.

    1. Matthew Francis Avatar
      Matthew Francis

      The thing that makes a Tesla worthwhile is the charging network. Musk is a pri(k and the cars definitely have their faults, but I plug in my destination and it works out everything else. Even updating the charging stops based on how busy they are. It’s that stress free EV travelling that makes the difference.

    2. Charles Stewardson Avatar
      Charles Stewardson

      Build quality on the Shanghai ones (the latest 3) is actually pretty decent and a huge improvement on the 2020/21 Model 3 built in USA.
      The M3 Performance is also a pretty good drive, it’s not a 911 or M4 but it’s balanced and there’s fun to be had.
      So..maybe I’m a little more enthusiastic but I do agree that they aren’t “inspiring” in the same way as a proper sports car:-)

  2. Simon Platten Avatar
    Simon Platten

    I’ve had my model 3 for a few weeks now, I had a Peugeot e-208 GT which was written off , no fault of my own. The model 3 is the long range variant and it’s amazing, acceleration is like nothing I’ve ever driven before. 0 to 60 in just over 3 seconds. Love it.

  3. Robert Richardson Avatar
    Robert Richardson

    Couldn’t agree less.

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