Launching a 585hp Kia! 🔥

Can you think a Kia can go THIS FAST ?!






27 responses to “Launching a 585hp Kia! 🔥”

  1. Dale Armbruster Avatar
    Dale Armbruster

    I like it. When are all auto makers gonna do this type of thing? I need one of these green buttons on my truck

    1. Are You for Real? Avatar
      Are You for Real?

      They’ll do it as soon as they can as they’re making heaps of extra post-purchase dollars off the suckers who are now beholden to the charge locations. Already far more expensive to “fill up” an EV than a petrol car in many countries.

  2. Anuradha Khanna Avatar
    Anuradha Khanna

    never expected this from kia
    Well done.

  3. The Happy Guy Avatar
    The Happy Guy

    I can believe you guys drag raced this with a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ a while ago. Must say, both KIA and Hyundia have really stepped up their game the past couple of years.

    1. Evo Stu Avatar
      Evo Stu

      Tesla model X Plaid aswell.

  4. Senzelian Avatar

    Can’t wait for Karen and here 3 children to launch this thing straight into oncomming traffic.

    1. Milli Vanilli Avatar
      Milli Vanilli

      It will be your fault of course

    2. Sebastian Tschatordai Avatar
      Sebastian Tschatordai


    3. Ammar Anwar Avatar
      Ammar Anwar

      But statistically women are better drivers than men 🤪🤪

    4. Stevie Carson Avatar
      Stevie Carson

      Probably got a load of safety features to avoid this happening

  5. Ali_mirzaii Avatar

    Really nice 👍

  6. Aurorized Avatar

    Actually insane for a Kia. Really looking forward for them to launch an even faster electric car in the future

    1. Sas 4 fun Avatar
      Sas 4 fun

      Pure my 540d chiped do it faster + no f*king w8ing to recharge and got 550 mileage

  7. scoobywoo Avatar

    It may be fast, but electric is also rubbish.

  8. Jonny Walker Avatar
    Jonny Walker

    Me 10 years ago “wow!!!! That new Lambo does 0 to 60MPH in 3.7 seconds!”
    Me now “that kia just did 0 to 60 in 3.7? Meh”

    How times have changed.

  9. John Avatar

    Almost a perfect KIA 😔

  10. Danni Efraim Avatar
    Danni Efraim

    Seems a tad slow. Why would you ever want to turn off GT mode?

  11. mad dogg Avatar
    mad dogg

    i want to test motocycle with electro torque

  12. S E Avatar
    S E

    Unbelievably impressive

  13. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Absolutely insane Kia! The Kia EV6 GT launches like a Lamborghini!

  14. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Kia makes cars and SUVs with a cool, sporty and futuristic design and insane performance!

  15. Oreo Boi Avatar
    Oreo Boi

    Yoo wat if they lock the gt feature in the future with a lock and you have to pay a fee in order to have it?

  16. PaulS Avatar

    ok Mr Watson.. what’s with the Petrol Noises then… thought Electric was quiet 🤐

  17. Rob C Avatar
    Rob C

    Haha ECO mode still with 300bhp and sub 7 seconds. Remember when eco mode meant a car went like a limp lettuce?

  18. En Jay Avatar
    En Jay

    GT mode is absolutely awesome!

  19. VampCaff Avatar

    It’s been so fun watching Kia turn into a company hyaundai could only dream to be.

  20. Scuba Steve Avatar
    Scuba Steve

    Stinger 3.3T with a Lap3 2.5 tune 0 to 60 in 3.2

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