Is the BYD Seal better than the Tesla Model 3?!


37 responses to “Is the BYD Seal better than the Tesla Model 3?!”

  1. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    The song should be by Seal 🦭 πŸ˜‚

  2. @TimmmmmyD Avatar

    I heard its got better in car heating with actual real flames πŸ”₯

    1. @ak5018 Avatar

      I got a headache trying to read your comment

    2. @StarWarsFan-rl8vf Avatar


    3. @segredosdotiosam9989 Avatar

      @@ak5018 He is making fun of BYD cause of the reports of battery fire.

    4. @MILKYBAR1969 Avatar

      ​@@segredosdotiosam9989but nothing is hot then a range rover parked in a multistorey car parkπŸ˜…

    5. @craigcampbell1843 Avatar

      @@ak5018they have somehow forgotten that gas cars catch fire more than ten times as often as EVs do. Or they are just purposely trying to convince themselves gas cars are somehow safer because they need to feel like gas cars are better in some way because they make noise and that’s really exciting to them. You know the guy isn’t exactly a real grown up if he still goes by Timmy.

  3. @homerdohyt Avatar

    What animal should we name our car after?
    Tiger, Leppard, Lion
    BYD: Seal πŸ’€

    1. @darkmage728 Avatar

      Box turtle πŸ˜‚

    2. @mirthenary Avatar

      The Def Leppard?

    3. @baustronaut1390 Avatar

      the leopard isn’t a car. It’s a german tank

    4. @homerdohyt Avatar

      @@baustronaut1390 okay…

  4. @paulwincott2987 Avatar

    Some serious ‘bot’ comments appearing here!

    1. @vincentchao9916 Avatar

      BYD desperate because Tesla better in literally every department

    2. @ilovebarcelona9256 Avatar


  5. @aps1618 Avatar

    I don’t care if it is actually better than tesla but tesla should provide an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel…they are getting away with that stupidity in the name of minimalism

    1. @bene5504 Avatar

      Or Just a HUD.
      HUD is super low-tech and cheap to implement, and allows you to Always sse Something Like Speed and navigation 🀯

    2. @KingFinnch Avatar

      they do it to save money, it saves about $1,000 per car (not just in materials, in tooling, time, testing, retraining, etc)

    3. @te86a Avatar

      *cost cutting

      Minimalism is just their brilliant marketing at work

    4. @Crash_Tv. Avatar

      There is on the model x and s and as an owner it works just the same on the iPad display you’re not really staring at the instrument cluster while driving

  6. @Liam-rl3ed Avatar

    feels reminiscent of the mach e on the inside but in compact Sedan format

  7. @ptviwatcher Avatar

    Answer: no. But good car, though!

  8. @AnitaHanjaaab Avatar

    Love the look and interior but the big BYD emblem on the front looks terrible. They need a new badge to make it look more premium. Reminds me of Kia.

    1. @mickdaly6537 Avatar

      And yet Kia have the best track record for reliability and better informant then some “premium” makes

    2. @jjjjjjj3376 Avatar

      @@mickdaly6537Kia is better than byd

  9. @pooyakhalili406 Avatar

    For a Chinese car, it looks really good it looks a bot like a new supra, but it’s a good looking car

  10. @ninthundertow Avatar

    F in the chat for both

  11. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow day 384

  12. @samoliver9132 Avatar

    Seal is actually kind of a cool and unique name for this car

  13. @fryz Avatar

    All fun and games until you end up with a brand new space heater named after a seal πŸ”₯

  14. @oilbeefhooked351 Avatar

    Looks much better

  15. @nicomonkeyboy Avatar

    Narrator: It is not.

  16. @somerandomfella Avatar

    Mat’s social credit score just went up.

  17. @MrAndrew1953 Avatar

    Snappy design,nice and easy on the eye πŸ‘οΈ

  18. @AlwaysUsually Avatar

    Interior and exterior look wayyyy better than a Tesla

  19. @paullees5705 Avatar

    I’m amazed that most people on here are more interested in what the car looks like inside and out. Than wether the car it is safe to own and drive.

  20. @michaelh.1627 Avatar

    It gets my seal of approval

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