If you can’t charge at home then living with an EV is a nightmare! #shorts #electriccars #petrolped






16 responses to “If you can’t charge at home then living with an EV is a nightmare! #shorts #electriccars #petrolped”

  1. Troy Boy Avatar
    Troy Boy

    Mindset of the driver, easy when your’e use to an EV, just a bit of pre planning a few days ahead. just like the weekly food shopping, it’s getting better by the day.

    1. CupraR Avatar

      What mileage do you do a year?

    2. Troy Boy Avatar
      Troy Boy

      @CupraR On the TESLA Model Y around 7k on the Mini SE 4-5k

  2. Howard Lake Avatar
    Howard Lake

    I think the answer will be workplace chargers as a staff benefit. So if someone goes to work, they plug it in for 8 hours. The staff benefit is, instead of, losing 8 hours of use, while it is on charge at home, they can actually use the piece of crap like a normal car 😂

  3. Phil Ryan Avatar
    Phil Ryan

    Buy petrol…! don’t even think about electric cars yet..

  4. Mister Cutts Avatar
    Mister Cutts

    20% Vat versus 5% at home, plus the profit of the provider and time wasted charging at the provider, without charging at home, EVs just cost and cost..

  5. Darren Simon Avatar
    Darren Simon

    As an EV owner I couldn’t agree more, i couldn’t imagine not having a home charger and relying on the public network.

  6. Alister Grigg Avatar
    Alister Grigg

    so do you have a petrol station at home? Of course not. We’re in the early stages of private transport electrification, like say 1900 in combustion car terms. There’s a long way to go yes, but for many many people EVs already make so much sense than ICE.

  7. steve o Avatar
    steve o

    Precisely why i wont buy an EV

  8. Jason Smith Avatar
    Jason Smith

    Strange. Up here in the north of Scotland I’ve had no issues running an EV for six months without any home charging. Must be an England problem… 😉

  9. The Stealth Avatar
    The Stealth

    Someone made the comment “so do you have a petrol station at home?”
    Well I don’t but there are more petrol stations than chargers (and the majority of petrol stations work).
    It takes approx 5 mins to fill up a tank rather that an hour plus to recharge.
    I can pay by cash / card for petrol and I don’t have to register / sell my life story to multiple charging companies just to pay / use a charger.
    The government is pushing everyone to go electric but the charging infrastructure is woeful.
    I remember many governments telling us how it would cost pennies to fully charge a car, however on planet earth it’s costing just as much as petrol.
    Charging at work is ok for now until the government charges us for that also.

  10. Scott Watson Avatar
    Scott Watson

    Totally agree with you and this is why I’ll stick with petrol.

  11. David Humphreys Avatar
    David Humphreys

    I will run my EV until someone stops me from parking my car on the grass and dragging a cable across the pavement, it’s that or a Diesel pickup.

  12. Mike Smart Avatar
    Mike Smart

    Don’t bother with an EV, nothing more than a pipe dream!

  13. Gareth Edwards Avatar
    Gareth Edwards

    Well said Pete as I live in an apartment block therefore without home charging it is too expensive currently to use public chargers.

  14. Barry Murton Avatar
    Barry Murton

    In London, many moan about the mayor, but they are installing them on lamp posts, 7kw, great for overnight! In mole valley, Ashtead, they have just installed 10 in the village carpark,free parking O/N. This is what needs to be done all over the country but do we have the power infrastructure?

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