I launched the 900hp Lotus Eletre R!






34 responses to “I launched the 900hp Lotus Eletre R!”

  1. mamin2849 Avatar

    0-60 in 2.99 seconds, that’s insane.

  2. Nithin Udhay Avatar
    Nithin Udhay

    Interesting Facts:
    Lotus Eletre R Is The First SUV Launched By Mat Watson In Carwow That Did 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds .

    1. Rares Radoi Avatar
      Rares Radoi

      Maybe the first one he launched in a dedicated video. Because in drag races, he drove the model x plaid before and maybe other SUV I can’t remember

    2. IRS Avatar

      x plaid in the dragrace

    3. Jessen Wind Lim Avatar
      Jessen Wind Lim

      No it aint

    4. Cyborg_Auto Avatar

      It’s electric, doesn’t matter..

    5. Jeremy Arnold Avatar
      Jeremy Arnold

      Interesting that other EV manufacturers are about 4 years behind Tesla. This SUV has numbers very similar to the 2020 Model X Performance (releases in 2019).

  3. Neojhun Avatar

    The wierd thing it also seems to have sharp fast handling. But doesn’t seem very stable and safe at the limits. This is a prototype that needs alot more tuning and hard limits.

    1. lukemothug Avatar

      What’s your definition of tuning a EV?

    2. Riley Farmer Avatar
      Riley Farmer

      ​@lukemothuga software update 😂

  4. Uzi GR Java Avatar
    Uzi GR Java

    Where csn buy that speed check thing, so can check yaris hybrid 0to 60

  5. Yves Legh Avatar
    Yves Legh

    What is the Lotus Eletra in daily life?

  6. Lionel Avatar

    0-60 in 2.99 seconds without LANUCH CONTROL. A Porsche 911 Turbo S is not able to perform this chrono without LAUNCH CONTROL.

    1. Deividas Navickas Avatar
      Deividas Navickas

      There’s launch control, it just engages automatically instead of needing to be engaged.

    2. Lionel Avatar

      @Deividas Navickas Launch control on fuel car need launch process: 1 or 2 seconds up to 3000 rpm. In this electric car you push the accelerator and it goes immediately. So no launch control procedure.

    3. Deividas Navickas Avatar
      Deividas Navickas

      @Lionel that’s exactly what I said. There’s no procedure – it’s automatic. And I think you got a wrong idea what launch control is. It’s basically a different form of traction control.

    4. Lionel Avatar

      @Deividas Navickas we are agree. With electric cars (with no gear shift like Tesla) you have the best 0 60 without launch control. Each acceleration is a real acceleration. With thermic sport cars, the only way to have best acceleration time is to use the Launch procedure who needs to wait 1 second at 3000 rpm before launching the vehicle.

    5. Deividas Navickas Avatar
      Deividas Navickas

      @Lionel -ish. Every car has a bit different procedure, because it is bit of a mix of 2-step + traction control, the whole point of it is to hav e the boost ready or start at higher rmp/higher power. Yet, still some electrics still have launch control, now famous Teslas Cheetah stance that preps the stance, suspension and battery temp.

  7. Romania4K Avatar

    Launch the new Sandero next time

  8. Pushpa Singh Avatar
    Pushpa Singh

    electra got electricuted

  9. Hyper! Avatar

    0-60 in 2.99sec for a suv is crazy

    1. Squidward's House Avatar
      Squidward’s House

      ICE, yes. Not for an EV.

    2. IQ XoTic Avatar
      IQ XoTic

      Not really

  10. Gershom Mortis Avatar
    Gershom Mortis

    Don’t care how fast it goes if there’s no sound can’t replace that.

  11. Yon Ki Avatar
    Yon Ki

    isn’t this slower than a tesla model x plaid?

  12. Kiss Gergő Avatar
    Kiss Gergő

    This is both impressive and underwhelming depending on how you look at it. 0-60 in 2.99 seconds is impressive for an SUV and quite underwhelming for 900hp.

  13. Simon Spiers Avatar
    Simon Spiers

    Mayme they use 1 foot role out?

  14. damnusename Avatar

    Matt, does everything feel slow after the fan car?

  15. Pete Avatar

    Let us all remember the sad death of designer, Peter Horbury on the 30th of June, for the involvement in the design of the latest Lotus cars.

  16. Conor Avatar

    Lmfao Wuhan Covid car

  17. D Motors Reviews Avatar
    D Motors Reviews

    This was car designed by the late and great Peter Horbury. Rest in peace Peter 😢

  18. Paul Avatar

    Rocking that helmet mat,, when are you getting launched out of the circus cannon buddy?😂

  19. Ivan Rusev Avatar
    Ivan Rusev

    10.7 quarter mile is good. Like bmw M5 CS

  20. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow day 225

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