Hydrogen is more difficult than Battery Electric ! #shorts #petrolped #hydrogenfuelcell






4 responses to “Hydrogen is more difficult than Battery Electric ! #shorts #petrolped #hydrogenfuelcell”

  1. James_08_07 Avatar

    I still think hydrogen is the answer though. EVs solve the air quality problem but from a user perspective they’re worse in almost every way, which is why people aren’t buying them.

    1. GRfourfun Avatar

      I agree.

  2. joeyat Avatar

    Hydrogen is a non starter.. I’ve had EVs for 6 years. There is no chance I could be bothered to drive somewhere to go fill up with an expensive explosive liquid again.. massive inconvenience when I have electricity at home and free electricity at work. Hydrogen fuel cells are also a nightmare, they require servicing, they constantly need power to keep them warm in the winter otherwise they freeze and destroy themselves and they contain platinum… plus they are considerably less efficient than just charging directly.

  3. robert fonovic Avatar
    robert fonovic

    but are they insurable, if so, at what price?

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